St Petersburg Car Accident Statistics

Car accidents in St. Petersburg, Florida, are common. Sadly, many car crashes result in severe injuries and deaths.

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Intro to Car Accident Statistics in St. Petersburg

Intro to Car Accident Statistics in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, Florida, is home to thousands of car accidents every year, many of which result in injuries or fatalities. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) is the state’s official source of car accident statistics.

Statistics published by the FLHSMV are broken down by county only. Pinellas County houses St. Petersburg, so the statistics on this page will reflect the numbers for that county.

St. Petersburg Car Accident Statistics – Overall Numbers

As of January 2023, there have been 242 car accidents in Pinellas County so far. That number compares to the previous years as follows:

  • 15,646 crashes in 2022
  • 16,464 crashes in 2021
  • 14,313 crashes in 2020
  • 17,078 crashes in 2019
  • 17,875 crashes in 2018

The drop in car accidents in 2020 could be due, at least in part, to the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Otherwise, the numbers are fairly consistent from year-to-year.

St. Petersburg Car Accident Statistics Based on Crash Severity

Car accidents in Pinellas County range widely in seriousness, though a consistent 40% or so of crashes tend to result in an injury. The statistics regarding accident severity break down in this way:

Fatal Accidents

  • 1 in 2023 so far (as of 1/14/23)
  • 113 in 2022
  • 146 in 2021
  • 102 in 2020
  • 107 in 2019
  • 126 in 2018

Injury Accidents

  • 105 in 2023 so far (as of 1/14/23)
  • 6,368 in 2022
  • 6,546 in 2021
  • 5,786 in 2020
  • 7,156 in 2019
  • 7,473 in 2018

These figures, at least in recent years, appear fairly consistent. Here, too, 2020 is somewhat of an outlier, likely due to COVID-19 in part.

Statistics for Other Vehicle Accidents in Pinellas County

The FLHSMV also makes statistics available on accidents involving vehicles other than cars, as well as for accidents involving pedestrians. In recent years, these figures are as follows:

Bicycle Accidents

  • 10 in 2023 so far (as of 1/14/23)
  • 578 in 2022
  • 546 in 2021
  • 518 in 2020
  • 513 in 2019
  • 622 in 2018

Motorcycle Accidents

  • 6 in 2023 so far (as of 1/14/23)
  • 435 in 2022
  • 433 in 2021
  • 411 in 2020
  • 428 in 2019
  • 503 in 2018

Pedestrian Accidents

  • 8 in 2023 so far (as of 1/14/23)
  • 474 in 2022
  • 498 in 2021
  • 438 in 2020
  • 572 in 2019
  • 504 in 2018

Hit-and-Run Accidents

  • 75 in 2023 so far (as of 1/14/23)
  • 4,456 in 2022
  • 4,895 in 2021
  • 4,259 in 2020
  • 4,849 in 2019
  • 4,985 in 2018

These numbers are also fairly similar from year to year without significant variation, in this instance, even notwithstanding COVID-19. 

Miscellaneous Facts and Statistics: Safe Streets Pinellas and Sources of Investigation

Safe Streets Pinellas is Pinellas County’s version of New York City’s Vision Zero, which is a governmental effort to reduce the frequency of traffic accidents. The project aims to prioritize transportation projects for funding, especially projects that place an emphasis on safety. On average, two people are killed or seriously injured in accidents in Pinellas County, and this effort hopes to reduce that number.

The FLHSMV also makes available the sources who investigated each recorded accident in Pinellas County. For the year 2021, those sources break down as follows:

  • 1,739, or 10.56%, were investigated by the Sheriff’s Department
  • 3,889, or 23.62%, were investigated by the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP)
  • 10,828, or 65.78%, were investigated by the Police Department
  • 6 crashes were investigated by another entity

These numbers indicate that the Police Department is largely responsible for investigating car accidents in Pinellas County.

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