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Have you or a loved one been injured in an accident involving Uber in St. Petersburg, Florida? Uber accident victims are often entitled to recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. An experienced St. Petersburg Uber accident lawyer at Perenich, Caulfield, Avril & Noyes Personal Injury Lawyers can help.

Since 1955, our legal team has worked hard to recover fair compensation for our clients. Our hard work has paid off. To date, we’ve recovered more than $675 million for our injured clients after being involved in pedestrian accident cases, St. Petersburg catastrophic injuries, bicycle incidents, electric scooter accidents, and other motor vehicle crashes.

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How Perenich, Caulfield, Avril & Noyes Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After an Uber Accident in St. Petersburg

How Perenich, Caulfield, Avril & Noyes, P.A. Can Help After an Uber Accident in St. Petersburg

Rideshare companies offer an extremely valuable service. However, the process of recovering compensation after an accident involving Uber or Lyft can be complicated.

You’ll need an experienced St. Petersburg personal injury lawyer to make sure you’re receiving the maximum compensation possible.

At Perenich, Caulfield, Avril & Noyes Personal Injury Lawyers, our lawyers have 300 years of combined experience. We’re the oldest personal injury firm in Tampa Bay. So, we’ve seen claims like yours before. We also have the resources to stay current with new and developing laws–including the laws governing Uber accidents in Florida.

Hiring us means you’ll have an advocate to:

  • Conduct a detailed investigation into your accident
  • Gather the strong proof you need to support your claim
  • Hire experts, specialists, and others who can help build your case
  • Handle all paperwork and procedural issues that arise in your case
  • Negotiate with the insurance company to recover a meaningful settlement for your family

Our trial lawyers are skilled negotiators, but we aren’t afraid to back down from a fight. If the insurance company refuses to play fair, we’ll fight for your rights in court.

Call today to learn more about how an experienced St. Petersburg personal injury attorney can help you get the full compensation you deserve.

What is My St. Petersburg Uber Accident Case Worth?

It’s important to know how much your personal injury case is worth before getting started. 

The value of your case depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The nature of your injuries
  • The cost of your medical treatment
  • Your lost wages and out-of-pocket costs
  • Whether you were permanently impaired or disfigured
  • Whether your injuries will impact your work, family, or quality of life

More practically, the value of a personal injury claim often depends on how much Uber or Lyft insurance coverage is available. 

How Do Florida Insurance Laws Impact the Value of My Case?

Under Florida’s no-fault insurance law, you’ll first file a claim with your own personal injury protection (PIP) carrier after your accident. However, the liability cap on most of these policies usually isn’t enough to cover the cost of a serious injury.

After you exhaust your own insurance coverage, you’ll then seek compensation from the at-fault party’s insurance company.

In the past, this system created complications when a ridesharing service was involved in an accident. Uber and Lyft drivers are independent contractors. They use their own personal vehicles to make a profit. 

That’s relevant for two reasons:

  • The at-fault driver’s personal auto insurance won’t cover your damages if the driver was using the vehicle for commercial purposes
  • Uber didn’t have to pay compensation because it wasn’t the driver’s employer

Fortunately, Florida law now requires Uber to purchase commercial insurance coverage to protect victims in an accident. The value of that insurance policy depends on the driver’s status at the time of the accident.

Driver is Available to Accept Ride Requests

Uber’s insurance kicks in once the driver is logged into the Uber app and available to accept ride requests. Until the driver accepts a ride, the following coverage applies:

  • $50,000 in bodily injury coverage per individual
  • $100,000 in bodily injury coverage per accident
  • $25,000 in property damage coverage per accident

This coverage is much more extensive than the typical PIP policy.

Driver Has Accepted a Ride Request

From the moment the Uber driver accepts a ride request, accident victims have access to:

  • $1 million in third-party liability coverage
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage 
  • Contingent comprehensive and collision coverage

This policy remains in effect until the passenger exits the Uber vehicle.

Uber coverage applies regardless of the injured party’s status. In other words, it’s available if you were hurt as an Uber passenger, in a separate vehicle or even as a pedestrian walking down the street.

App is Turned Off

If the driver isn’t logged into the Uber app, the crash is treated like any other car accident. The driver’s own personal insurance will provide coverage if the driver causes serious injuries.

What Types of Damages Are Available to Uber Accident Victims?

After a St. Petersburg Uber or Lyft accident, our lawyers at Perenich, Caulfield, Avril & Noyes Personal Injury Lawyers will work to secure damages to cover your economic and non-economic losses.

Economic damages include:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages and income
  • Diminished future earning potential
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Property damage

Non-economic damages include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Disfigurement and scarring
  • Anxiety, depression or PTSD
  • Loss of consortium
What Types of Damages Are Available to Uber Accident Victims?

We’ll work with respected experts and specialists as we work to prove how much your personal injury case is worth. Identifying all of your available damages is an important part of the process. 

Our lawyers are up to the challenge. If you have any questions about the damages you’re entitled to receive, call our law firm for a free case review today.

Can I Recover Damages If I’m Being Blamed for an Uber Accident in Florida?

Florida has a modified comparative negligence system with a 51% bar to recovery. You can recover compensation after an Uber accident as long as you’re not mostly responsible for the accident. 

However, your settlement or jury award will be reduced in proportion to your percentage of fault. You can also be held liable for damages sustained by another injured party.

If you’re being blamed for an accident, call an attorney who understands how contributory fault works in Florida. Our lawyers can limit the effectiveness of any claims that you caused the accident and work to discredit the insurance company’s evidence.

We’ll Fight to Recover Compensation for All of Your Uber Accident Injuries

You deserve to receive compensation for all of your injuries after an accident. Perenich, Caulfield, Avril & Noyes Personal Injury Lawyers will fight to make that happen. 

We often represent clients who have sustained:

  • Broken bones
  • Whiplash injuries
  • Facial injuries and lacerations
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Concussions
  • Back injuries
  • Organ damage
  • Burns 
  • Traumatic amputations
  • Paralysis
  • Catastrophic injuries

We also represent clients in fatal accident cases. If you’ve lost a loved one in a rideshare accident, we can help you fight to recover damages for wrongful death.

What Causes Most Uber Accidents in St. Petersburg, Florida?

Rideshare drivers don’t possess any special driving skills. They aren’t required to obtain a commercial driver’s license or complete any driving tests. Because of that, it isn’t surprising that the most common causes of auto accidents also tend to cause Uber accidents. 

Uber and Lyft accidents in St. Petersburg often occur because of:

You’re required to identify the cause of the Uber crash before you can seek compensation. 

How Do I Prove Negligence After an Uber Accident in Florida? 

To recover damages in a personal injury case, you must prove that someone else was negligent. In plain English, you’ll have to prove that someone else failed to use reasonable caution under the circumstances.

There are four elements to any successful negligence claim, including:

How Do I Prove Negligence After an Uber Accident in Florida? 

The victim has the burden of proof in a personal injury case. You’ll have to present evidence to establish each of these elements. That might include video surveillance footage, witness statements, police reports, and even expert witness testimony.

If that seems overwhelming, you aren’t alone. Fortunately, an experienced lawyer can make all the difference in the world. Let us prove it. Call to schedule your free initial consultation with Perenich, Caulfield, Avril & Noyes Personal Injury Lawyers today.

How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit After an Uber Accident in Florida?

You typically have to file a personal injury lawsuit within either two or four years of your accident to seek compensation. The Florida statute of limitations for most personal injury cases was recently adjusted. The two-year deadline applies if your accident happened on or after 3/24/2023, and the four-year time limit applies if it took place before that date.

However, there are exceptions to the statute of limitations in certain cases. It is advised to confirm the appropriate deadline for your case with a personal injury lawyer.

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