Most Dangerous Roads/Intersections in St. Petersburg

Pinellas County releases detailed traffic accident information on a regular basis. The county uses these reports to improve road safety and focus its enforcement efforts.

But the information also helps the public to understand where car accidents, bicycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents happen. Road users can avoid these dangerous spots or even use alternative forms of transportation when passing through them.

Here is some information about the most dangerous roads and intersections in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Most Dangerous Roads in St. Petersburg, FL

Most Dangerous Roads in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg gets a lot of traffic. As a result, its roads have a lot of accidents. According to the statistics, in 2019, Pinellas County had over 17,000 traffic accidents. These accidents caused over 100 deaths and nearly 10,400 injuries.

Accidents in St. Petersburg accounted for about half of those injuries and deaths. Several roads in St. Petersburg were the sites of multiple accidents. 

Here are some of the places in St. Petersburg with the greatest number of accidents:


US-19 is one of St. Petersburg’s busiest roads. It often has bumper-to-bumper traffic and impatient drivers.

In most cities, the top reasons for traffic accidents are distracted driving, intoxicated driving, and speeding. In St. Petersburg, the top reasons for accidents are reckless or aggressive driving.

US-19 has been the most dangerous road in St. Petersburg for decades. Within St. Petersburg, three of the six most dangerous intersections cross US-19. Through the rest of Pinellas County, ten roads that cross US-19 fall on the list of most dangerous intersections.

In 2019, twenty fatal accidents happened on US-19 in St. Petersburg. Half of these deaths involved pedestrians. The remaining fatalities were evenly split between cyclists and motorists. US-19 also saw nearly 80 injury-only accidents.

38th Avenue N

38th Avenue N provides a major east-west route across the Pinellas peninsula. It connects US-92, I-275, and US-19. 38th Avenue N is also one of St. Petersburg’s most dangerous roads.

In 2019, 38th Avenue N had two of St. Petersburg’s most dangerous intersections. 38th Avenue N had 11 traffic fatalities and over 40 injuries. Unlike the fatalities on US-19, most of the fatalities on 38th Avenue N were motorists.

Central Avenue

Central Avenue provides access to many of St. Petersburg’s tourist attractions. It is also one of the few roads to run across the entire peninsula from the bay to the beaches on the gulf. This makes Central Avenue one of the busiest roads in St. Petersburg.

It also makes Central Avenue one of St. Petersburg’s most dangerous roads. One of St. Petersburg’s most dangerous intersections is on Central Avenue. However, accidents happen over the entire length of the road.

The most hazardous section of Central Avenue is downtown between 4th Street N and 2nd Street N. This area sees a lot of pedestrian traffic. When pedestrians intermingle with vehicle traffic, pedestrian accidents occur.

In 2019, Central Avenue had 14 fatal accidents and over 100 injury-only accidents. Most of the people killed on Central Avenue were pedestrians. However, the injury-only accidents were evenly distributed between motorists and pedestrians.

US-92 and 4th Street

US-92 is a major north-south highway in St. Petersburg. Once it reaches US-19 ALT, the road continues as 4th Street.

In 2019, US-92 and 4th Street saw 17 fatal accidents. Over 100 accidents on US-92 and 4th Street caused injuries. These accidents happened all along US-92 and 4th Street. 

The downtown area near Central Avenue saw the highest concentration of pedestrian accidents on 4th Street N.

Most Dangerous Intersections in St. Petersburg, Florida

Six intersections in St. Petersburg were listed among Pinellas County’s 25 most dangerous intersections. These intersections have some of the highest traffic in the city. They also experience heavy pedestrian use.

These intersections include:

US-19 and 38th Avenue N

US-19 and 38th Avenue N are two of St. Petersburg’s busiest roads. I-275 has an exit at 38th Avenue N. Many drivers on this road come from the interstate.

In 2019, this intersection was the 13th most dangerous in the county. Nearly 60 accidents happened at this one intersection. These accidents resulted in 32 injuries.

US-19 and 22nd Avenue N

I-275 also has an exit at 22nd Avenue N. This leads to heavy traffic on the road. When it intersects US-19, accidents result.

The intersection of US-19 and 22nd Avenue N was the seventh most dangerous intersection in the county. It was the site of nearly 80 accidents in 2019. One death and 26 injuries resulted from these accidents.

US-19 and US-19 ALT/5th Avenue N

US-19 ALT/5th Avenue N passes through some of St. Petersburg’s busiest commercial areas. Many restaurants, offices, and apartment buildings line this road.

The intersection between US-19 and US-19 ALT/5th Avenue N sees heavy traffic nearly all hours of the day. This intersection saw one fatality and nearly 20 injuries in 2019.

Central Avenue and 3rd Street N

Central Avenue and 3rd Street N come together to form St. Petersburg’s most dangerous intersection for pedestrians. Hotels, restaurants, bars, and office buildings are located near this intersection. This puts tourists and local office workers directly in the line of local auto traffic.

In 2019, three pedestrians died at this intersection. Dozens more were injured.

US-92 and 38th Avenue N

Traffic exiting east from I-275 at 38th Avenue N often passes through this intersection. The heavy traffic on US-92 crosses 38th Avenue N. In 2019, this intersection saw one fatality and nearly 20 injured motorists and pedestrians.

SR-693/66th Street N and 22nd Avenue N

This intersection near Tyrone Square and two other shopping centers sees a lot of local traffic. It also sees some tourist traffic as SR-693 provides access to St. Pete Beach.

This intersection saw nearly 30 injuries in 2019. Fortunately, officials recorded no fatalities at this intersection that year.

Navigating the Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections of St. Petersburg, FL

St. Petersburg has many roads to take you where you want to go. You can easily avoid the most dangerous roads and intersections in St. Petersburg.

However, you cannot avoid traffic accidents completely. Over 10,000 motorists, motorcyclists, pedestrians, and bicyclists get injured on St. Petersburg’s roads every year.

Most of these accidents result from reckless or aggressive driving, failure to yield, or tailgating. These behaviors arise from impatience. Staying patient despite the crowds and traffic can help you to avoid falling victim to St. Petersburg’s most dangerous roads and intersections.

Common Types of Car Accidents in St. Petersburg, Florida

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