Everyone was friendly and helpful. Erin and Matthew were tremendous. They always made me feel like my case was important to them and always kept me informed and updated. Highly recommend! Never felt like it was just another case. Very nice and honest. I appreciate all they did for me.

Keith D.

I want to thank you with my whole heart! You were there so much for me in so many ways. You being there...Fighting for me...Supporting me, made me feel so secure. I’m so happy that I had you on my side!

Kathy Eden

Bryan Caulfield was point on in his representation, every step of the way, I felt confident that I had the best representation. Mr. Caulfied went beyond in his representation outlining research and strategy every step of the way.

Edward Robinson

This is a very professional, extremely ethical, and courteous firm. I would recommend this firm to others because they were actually concerned for my well-being. I felt like someone cared enough to constantly update me on the case and I never felt alone. My attorney came to see me in the hospital right away and was an excellent representation for me.


All staff were very polite and kind in person or phone. The first time I came into the office I noticed how clean it was - that speaks volumes to me. The staff at front window was very kind and offered water, coffee, tea. My lawyer made the experience a walk in a park. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone that would ask my advice because of the great experience I had and the kindness I felt from all staff. I will be back if the need arises.


The staff took care of everything fast. All my questions were promptly answered, and my appointments were quickly scheduled, because the staff is always on top of everything. I am very satisfied with all they have done for me.


Professional, very passionate, and so very kind. Very positive. My attorney made a clear understanding of my rights. Very impressed.


Top-notch, excellent, result-driven professionals. My case was handled in a timely manner with clear and succinct explanation of the next steps. I would enthusiastically recommend this firm.


From our first visit we knew we had made a good decision be represented by this firm. After such a horrific accident, we felt very relieved to receive such personal attention and friendliness.


My attorney and his staff were true pros and worked hard to get the best possible results. Your case gets treated like it’s the most important one. They were very accessible, very professional, and had great communication.


Perenich, Caulfield, Avril & Noyes Personal Injury Lawyers is a firm you can count on from start to finish. Their integrity speaks for itself. Always exceptional client service, second to none.


All aspects were explained, all questions answered. The firm’s employees were always informational, cordial, and willing to help me settle my case. They were enthusiastic, energetic, and displayed a positive attitude.


This was a serious accident for me. My attorney and his staff took my fear and anxiety away by letting me know they would help me through every step of the process. I never felt alone dealing with this situation. What a relief!


I would recommend others to this firm so that they can be successfully represented in a professional and courteous manner.


Based on the company’s experience, professionalism, ease of access, relaxed atmosphere, and fair pricing, I would recommend others visit Perenich, Caulfield, Avril & Noyes Personal Injury Lawyers for representation after an accident.


This firm was thorough, caring, hardworking, and professional. I was treated as a friend.


I felt as though I was part of a family. I felt like everyone was looking out for my best interests.