What If I Can’t Afford a Personal Injury Attorney in Clearwater?

If you’ve been hurt in an accident and have a potential legal claim, you might worry about the cost of hiring a lawyer. The prospect of paying to retain a lawyer can seem overwhelming when you already have mounting medical bills, lost work, and other costs due to your injuries

Accident victims deserve skilled legal help to protect their rights and fight for their interests – regardless of income. In a Florida personal injury case, you could hire an experienced Clearwater injury lawyer without having to pay a retainer fee upfront. This is typically done through a contingent fee agreement. 

What Is a Contingent Fee Agreement? 

A contingent fee agreement – otherwise known as a contingency fee – means that the lawyer receives attorney fees only if the client receives a settlement payment or money judgment. In turn, the lawyer will advance the costs of the case in return for a percentage of the total money recovered on the client’s behalf. 

Under Florida’s legal ethics rules, the attorney and client are required to enter into a written fee agreement when the lawyer’s representation starts. The fee agreement will explain what percentage of the final financial recovery the attorney will be paid at the end of the case. This amount is usually a fixed fee set within the engagement letter. 

Before taking on a contingency fee case, the lawyer will assess your claim to get an idea of its potential value. If your personal injury claim could lead to a judgment or settlement, the law firm can devote its time and resources to your case without charging a retainer to start work. At the end of the case, an attorney working on contingency will then receive a percentage of the total amount awarded to their client. In general, this will be about 30-35% of the overall settlement

What Are the Benefits of a Contingent Fee Agreement? 

The main benefit of a contingent fee agreement is that it gives accident victims access to highly skilled attorneys to fight for their legal rights. In most cases, those dealing with the aftermath of an accident struggle to make ends meet due to medical bills, lost wages, and other unexpected costs. Coming up with money to pay an attorney’s retainer fee is out of the question for most people. 

That’s why an experienced Clearwater personal injury lawyer will offer to front the costs and expenses of a personal injury case and only take their fees after their client has been paid. This fee arrangement allows working people to gain representation from some of the most experienced personal injury attorneys in their area. 

Another benefit is also obvious: when a lawyer is paid through a contingent fee, this provides an added incentive for the lawyer to get the best possible financial return for their client. A good personal injury lawyer will always seek the best result for their client regardless, but working on contingency provides a financial incentive as well. 

Also, from the client’s perspective, a contingent fee agreement shifts the burden of loss to the lawyer instead of the client. If no settlement or verdict is obtained, the law firm bears the costs of the case rather than the client. 

How Much Does a Personal Injury Case Cost? 

A personal injury case can become costly as it proceeds to a court trial. 

Some of the expenses involved, in addition to attorney fees, can include: 

  • Costs to obtain evidence, including police reports and medical records;
  • Costs to obtain digital evidence or transfer evidence to a digital format for trial purposes;
  • Costs of hiring an expert witness and paying them to testify at deposition or trial;
  • Costs for materials and supplies needed to advance the case;
  • Court costs and filing fees

For an injured victim, these costs, in addition to attorney’s fees, could be impossible to pay upfront. An experienced law firm will have the resources to cover these costs as your case moves forward. 

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