Traffic and Red Light Cameras in St. Petersburg, FL

Easy access to Florida’s Gulf Coast, combined with all the amenities of a big-city lifestyle, make St. Petersburg an undeniably appealing place to live. But as with any city, St. Petersburg is home to a number of red lights — accompanied by cameras.

Law enforcement technology continues to advance across the United States, perhaps more rapidly now than ever. To accommodate this fact, the regulations applied to automated law enforcement cameras are also in a perpetual state of flux. Here is what you can expect in St. Petersburg when it comes to red lights and traffic cameras.

The Difference Between a Traffic Camera and a Red Light Camera

Law enforcement uses certain types of cameras to fill in monitoring gaps and keep the roads safe. These include traffic cameras and red light cameras. While the two may sound similar, they serve different functions and come with different consequences for drivers. 

A traffic camera is a non-enforcement camera. This means that you cannot be issued any traffic violation tickets based on footage from a traffic camera. 

The purpose of traffic cameras is to oversee general traffic conditions and use that knowledge to maintain widespread safety for all drivers. Traffic cameras are non-punitive, so don’t worry if you see one. 

A red light camera, on the other hand, is an enforcement camera. Red light cameras are connected to movement-monitoring sensors and traffic signal lights. When a driver runs a red light, the red light camera snaps a photo of the vehicle’s license plate, usually resulting in a fine for the vehicle owner. 

Does St. Petersburg Have Red Light Cameras? 

St. Petersburg installed municipal red light cameras in 2011, hoping to increase road safety and keep every driver secure. However, in 2014, a mere three years later, the City Council voted to end the red light camera program. Currently, there are no red light cameras in St. Petersburg. 

This is likely because the red light program in St. Petersburg was controversial. It’s speculated that the change had to do with decreased revenue. Since the red light cameras were installed, people became more careful drivers, which resulted in fewer tickets being issued overall. 

Does St. Petersburg Have Traffic Cameras?

St. Petersburg does maintain its traffic camera program, however, which allows the municipal and state governments to oversee the general flow of traffic and potentially make decisions based on traffic conditions. Residents can easily take a look at each of St. Petersburg’s 30 live traffic cams online. 

The traffic camera program — a non-punitive approach to traffic safety — was never as controversial as the red light program. Citizens with the right to vote for city council members are perhaps naturally more invested in enforcement cameras that might impact their everyday lives. 

Traffic cameras and other non-enforcement cameras are less important to community members. They monitor big-picture traffic conditions, as opposed to targeting individuals. Thus, St. Petersburg has maintained its traffic camera program with little fanfare. 

Keeping Roads Safe in St. Petersburg, Florida

Residents of St. Petersburg may feel relieved to know that there are no longer red light cameras functioning in the city. However, other types of traffic cameras still operate in conjunction with law enforcement in St. Petersburg. These include speeding cameras installed in school zones, which help to ensure the safety of children. 

Even in the absence of red light cameras, driving safely and obeying the rules of the road is still essential to keeping the St. Petersburg community safe from car accidents

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