Motorcycle Parking Laws in Florida

With nearly 650,000 registered motorcycles as of 2021, Florida is second only to California in terms of the number of registered motorcycles in the state.  All of these Florida bikes need a place to park. Although motorcycles offer riders flexibility and mobility while on the… read more

The Most Common Motorcycle Crash Injuries

Motorcycle accidents can happen for many reasons, but the result is often the same —  injured motorcycle riders. While motorcycle crash injuries vary greatly depending on the type and severity of the accident, many injuries have the potential to change riders’ lives long-term.  Motorcycle Accidents… read more

Is a Motorcycle Really Worth the Cost in St. Petersburg?

Motorcycles are attractive for many different reasons. Some riders enjoy the feeling of cruising along with the sun at their back on the open road. Others appreciate the relatively low cost of owning a motorcycle versus a traditional car.  Regardless of the reason, it is… read more

Facts About Road Rash in Clearwater

Road rash can come from a wide range of circumstances, including bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents. But the most severe cases of road rash usually come from motorcycle accidents.  The weight, speed, and power of a motorcycle can result in severe abrasions during an accident… read more

Do I Need Florida Motorcycle Insurance?

The state of Florida has distinct laws regarding auto insurance requirements for motorcycles. Florida is a “no-fault” insurance state for auto insurance. Florida drivers are required to have personal injury protection (PIP) insurance of at least $2,500. However, this PIP insurance requirement does not cover… read more

I’ve Been Hurt in a Motorcycle Accident in Clearwater — Do I Need a Lawyer?

You always have the choice to represent yourself after a motorcycle accident. However, hiring a Clearwater personal injury lawyer can help you to secure the compensation you need to pay your medical bills and recover your lost income. Florida’s no-fault insurance system provides quick money… read more

How Old Does a Child Have to Be to Ride on the Back of a Motorcycle in Florida?

Florida has strict guidelines about where a child can sit in a vehicle and the type of child safety restraint the child is required to use based on age. However, there are no age restrictions for children to ride on the back of a motorcycle. … read more