Top 5 Most Important Safety Features for Cars

Everyone knows the importance of wearing a seat belt to stay safe while driving. However, advances in technology continue to provide drivers with new features that reduce the chance of an accident and help them stay safe on the road. 

Here are the top five safety features you should check for when it’s time to pick out a new car. When your car is equipped with the best technology on the market, you’ve got a better chance of keeping yourself and your loved ones safe while out on the road. 

1. Side-Impact Airbags

These days, all cars come equipped with front airbags. However, many new vehicles also come with side-impact airbags. These are usually mounted along the edge of the roof and extend downward to provide passengers with full airbag protection along the vehicle’s door. 

Side-impact airbags greatly increase the level of protection in a side-impact crash. They’re also called head curtain airbags because they can offer more protection to a passenger’s head, reducing the severity of injuries in a side-impact accident.  

2. Rear Parking Sensors

All too many accidents occur when a driver reverses and can’t clearly see people, animals, objects, or other vehicles in the rearview mirrors alone. It’s increasingly common for new cars to come equipped with rear parking sensors. Sometimes, these are coupled with cameras, so the driver has a full visual of the blind spot behind the vehicle. 

Rear parking sensors provide a loud warning alarm to let the driver know there’s a risk of hitting something as the car reverses. Backing accidents are known to often result in serious injury and death. With sensors in place, this safety hazard is eliminated. 

3. Electronic Stability Control System (ESC)

Electronic stability control is a safety system that can sense when something is wrong with a vehicle’s or driver’s level of control. An ESC system will engage, applying the breaks to one or multiple wheels until the vehicle’s direction is corrected. 

This type of system is especially helpful on slippery roads and roads with many sharp turns. The NHTSA estimates that widespread use of ESC systems in light vehicles reduces single-car SUV accidents by 59% and could significantly reduce overall accident injury and fatality rates.  

4. Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

Anti-lock braking systems help ensure that a driver’s wheels don’t lock up. When this happens, it removes a driver’s ability to stop or slow the vehicle. When a vehicle’s wheels lock up, the result is almost always an accident. 

ABS exists as a solution to this danger. An anti-lock braking system senses when brakes are locking and automatically applies pressure by pumping the brakes. Vehicles without ABS run a much higher risk of the driver losing control of the vehicle.  

5. Lane Departure Warning System (LDW)

Lane departure warning systems are designed to alert drivers that their vehicle has begun veering out of their lane. The LDW system senses that the car is beginning to change direction when the turn signal has not been turned on. 

Frequently, drowsy or distracted drivers veer into other lanes. This is a huge cause of car accidents and is a leading reason for head-on collisions. With an LDW system, this danger is greatly reduced. Your vehicle registers that your direction is changing without warning and then sounds an alert so you can course-correct before it’s too late.  

New Car Safety Features Help Reduce Accidents

Knowing what features to look for in a vehicle can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, this list can guide you through your new car purchase like a pro. If your vehicle is missing any of the features listed above, it might be time for an update. 

Car manufacturers continue working to make cars as safe as possible. Making sure your car is equipped with the best safety features on the market can be a true lifesaver. 

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