Should You Call the Cops for a Fender Bender in St. Petersburg, FL?

In today’s busy world, you might end up in a minor car crash. It’s normal to wonder if you should call the cops for a small collision. This is especially true if the cars aren’t badly damaged and no one seems hurt.

It’s wise to call the police, even after a fender bender. The police will make an official report that provides solid proof that the crash happened. Having this report means any future problems regarding the crash won’t just be your word against someone else’s.

What if Everything Seems Okay After an Accident?

After a small car accident, you might think everything is okay. You’ve swapped info with the other driver and just want to get on with things. But wait, there’s more to consider.

Sometimes, injuries from a car crash show up days or weeks later. You might also find car damage you didn’t see at first.

A police report can be beneficial if you need to ask for money for injuries or car damage later. If you get hurt, you might seek compensation from an insurance company or the other person.

If you wait too long, you could lose your chance to recover compensation as the statute of limitations might expire. 

Do I Have to Call the Police?

In Florida, you don’t have to call the police for every little crash. But you must report accidents with injuries or deaths or if the damage is $500 or more. Also, report hit-and-runs or accidents with drunk drivers right away. Florida law says you must tell the local police quickly about these accidents.

Calling the police after a crash is a safe bet, even for minor accidents. The police might not come to the scene. When you call, the dispatcher will ask some questions. They decide if they’ll send the police. They’ll also tell you what you need to do next, like reporting the accident yourself.

What’s Included In a Police Report?

A traffic crash report is an unbiased record of a car accident.

For a small crash, the report covers:

  • The accident’s location and time
  • What damage seems to be on the cars or property
  • What the drivers and any witnesses say happened
  • Weather details and other important facts

After you report the crash, it’s smart to talk to a skilled personal injury lawyer. The chat won’t cost you. This report is really useful for the lawyer if you need to ask an insurance company or the other person for money. If the other person tries to blame you, having a lawyer helps a lot.

How to Handle Minor Car Accidents in Florida Without Police Involvement

Sometimes, you don’t need cops for tiny accidents. But, you still need to do some things to protect yourself and your rights. 

Even if cops don’t come, swap info with everyone involved. Get their name, contact information, driver’s license, car registration, and insurance. And give them your details too.

It’s smart to write down what happened in minor accidents. Take pictures of the scene, the cars, and any damage. Write down when and where the crash happened. If people saw it, get their contact information. These details help with insurance claims and if there’s a problem later.

Tell your insurance about the crash. Most insurance policies say you have to report accidents quickly. If you don’t, they might not cover you. 

Your insurance might want to check out the accident to see how bad the damage is. Help them by giving any photos, documents, or details they ask for. This can make your insurance claim go faster.

Handling accident reports, insurance matters, and legal duties can be tricky. A St. Petersburg car accident attorney can help you navigate this complex process with ease. 

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