Recent study links mass media exposure to NASCAR to increase in car accidents on public streets and highways.

The thrill of a NASCAR race undoubtedly brings to mind the fiery car crashes that are often part of the race experience. Those who follow NASCAR know that the sport is an exciting and wildly popular pastime in this country. Fans have favorite drivers who they follow faithfully throughout the season, hoping that their driver can bring home the championship trophy.

A recent study shows that mass media exposure to NASCAR might actually be linked to an increase in accidents on public streets and highways across the United States. This study shows that car accidents have a tendency to increase five days following major NASCAR races. Although we know that what we are watching on television is a race, researchers believe that mass media exposure can have an effect on the way that we feel and what we do in our daily lives.

The researchers conducting the NASCAR study believe that an increase in car accidents after major NASCAR races is happening because people are unconsciously carrying out what they see on television and applying it to their own driving behavior. Although the study only involved measuring an increase in car accidents in one state, it is likely that the effect of mass media exposure to NASCAR is having an impact nationwide.

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