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St. Petersburg Personal Injury Lawyers

Life can change in an instant when you or a loved one are involved in an accident in St. Petersburg, Florida. You shouldn’t have to deal with the consequences on your own. The St. Petersburg personal injury lawyers at Perenich, Caulfield, Avril & Noyes, P.A. can help you stand up and fight.

We’re the first and oldest personal injury law firm in Pinellas County, FL. Since 1955, our attorneys have been dedicated to providing winning legal representation to clients just like you. We work hard and our results show it – we’ve successfully obtained more than $675 Million in financial awards. 

Insurance companies know our law firm well. They know we have the experience, resources, and ability to help our clients maximize their financial recoveries. Insurers don’t want you to call us – and that’s exactly why you should.

Contact our law office, conveniently located in the Grand Central District in St. Petersburg, to learn more. Your first consultation is absolutely free and there’s no obligation, so give us a call or reach out to us online today.

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The staff took care of everything fast. All my questions were promptly answered, and my appointments were quickly scheduled, because the staff is always on top of everything. I am very satisfied with all they have done for me.


Top-notch, excellent, result-driven professionals. My case was handled in a timely manner with clear and succinct explanation of the next steps. I would enthusiastically recommend this firm.


This is a very professional, extremely ethical, and courteous firm. I would recommend this firm to others because they were actually concerned for my well-being. I felt like someone cared enough to constantly update me on the case and I never felt alone. My attorney came to see me in the hospital right away and was an excellent representation for me.


All staff were very polite and kind in person or phone. The first time I came into the office I noticed how clean it was – that speaks volumes to me. The staff at front window was very kind and offered water, coffee, tea. My lawyer made the experience a walk in a park. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone that would ask my advice because of the great experience I had and the kindness I felt from all staff. I will be back if the need arises.


case results

$675 Million (and counting) in Settlements and Verdicts

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$8,250,000 – Medical Malpractice

A medical doctor and mother of two bled to death following a laparoscopic appendectomy. Her husband, also a medical doctor, filed a suit against the surgeon and the hospital for his wife’s wrongful death. Mark H. Perenich represented the family, and after extensive discovery, found… read more

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$4,000,000 – Medical Malpractice

A 40-year-old mother of three was admitted to a hospital for a routine urological surgery. Post-surgery, she was given an epidural for the pain. Overnight, her blood pressure dropped, causing her to become hypovolemic. An order for a blood transfusion was given, but there was… read more

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$2,000,000 – Legal Malpractice

A medical malpractice case also became a legal malpractice case when an attorney failed to file suit within the appropriate time period for medical malpractice claims. As a result, the client’s statute of limitations ran out, and she was unable to receive compensation for her… read more

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Wrongful Death

A 52-year-old husband drowned at St. Andrews State Park in Panama City, Florida, as he attempted to rescue two swimmers who had been swept into the Gulf of Mexico by a severe rip current. Although he successfully rescued one swimmer, he drowned during an attempted… read more

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Car Accident

Mark H. Perenich filed a wrongful death lawsuit in DeFuniak Springs, Florida, after a husband and father was killed when a moving van ran into his family’s car. The wrongful-death case was filed in Pensacola on behalf of the estate and for the benefit of… read more

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Worker’s Compensation

A man fell from a three-story building while the building was under construction, rendering him a quadriplegic. Mark H. Perenich filed suit against the property owners, who had undertaken the construction project without the retention of a general contractor. The defendant claimed immunity from liability… read more

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Boating Accident

Two women were injured when the boat shuttle they were traveling on failed to stop and ran into another boat. Following settlement discussions, each case was resolved without the necessity of a jury trial.

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Car Accident

A teenager’s reckless joyride resulted in a lifetime of pain and limitation for a client. While the teenager was showing off for friends, he lost control of his vehicle and caused a head-on collision with the client’s vehicle. The client sustained a fractured wrist and… read more

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Personal Injury

After a two-year-old broke her arm at a daycare, the firm found that the daycare failed to watch the little girl, and allowed her to play on equipment not suitable for her age. They obtained a settlement in her favor.

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Motorcycle Accident

A Vero Beach man was riding his vintage motorcycle when a truck turned into him, hitting him as if he wasn’t even there. The firm pursued the case in Indian River County and was successful in the recovery of one million dollars for the client.

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We'll Stand Up For You

Can I Get Money If I’m Being Blamed For an Accident?

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Don’t panic. This is a common strategy employed by insurance companies to get you to walk away with less money than you deserve, or to get you to give up and walk away with nothing, at all. Florida has pure comparative fault rules, which means that you can still recover compensation even if you do share some of the blame. 

However, your financial award will be reduced by the degree of fault you’re assigned. So, it is critical to fight back against these types of accusations. Our lawyers will work to disprove claims that you’re to blame, strategize to limit your liability, and build a strong case to maximize your financial recovery.

Our Goal is to Maximize Your Recovery Advocates For Accident Victims Since 1955

What is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

The National Safety Council suggests that the comprehensive cost of a car accident injury can range anywhere between $51,000 (no injury observed) and $1,219,000 (disabling injury). But, keep in mind that every case is very different.

Ultimately, the value of your insurance claim or lawsuit will depend on several different factors.

  • How serious are your injuries?
  • What kind of medical treatment will you need?
  • How long will it take for you to recover?
  • Will you lose income because you’re unable to work?
  • Will you be disabled – temporarily or permanently?
  • How have you been affected emotionally?
  • What will it cost to replace or repair property damage?

These are just a few of the questions that will need to be answered before you can get a better idea of what your case might be worth. Our personal injury attorneys in St. Petersburg have the experience and resources necessary to value your claim and get you every cent you deserve.

What Compensation Can I Get If I’ve Been Hurt in an Accident?

In Florida, accident victims are typically able to ask for two distinct types of compensation after getting hurt: economic damages and non-economic damages.

Economic damages are paid to make you financially whole again after an accident or injury.

This includes money for things like:

  • Medical expenses (present and future)
  • Lost wages and income
  • Disability
  • Funeral expenses and burial costs, if an accident is fatal.

Non-Economic damages are paid to compensate for injuries that don’t have a set financial value. Rather, they’re highly subjective and personal to you.

Commonly awarded non-economic awards include money for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • PTSD and depression
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of enjoyment or quality of life

In limited instances – like after a drunk driving accident – punitive damages might be available. These are awarded solely to punish the defendant for conduct that was intentionally harmful or grossly negligent

Representing accident and injury victims across St. Petersburg

Practice Areas

Car Accidents

Insurance companies handle thousands of car accident claims. After you get into a car accident in the Tampa Bay area, they’ll be ready to deny your claim or have a strategy in place to minimize your award. Level the playing field by getting our St. Petersburg car accident lawyers in your corner. Our reputation is well known, and insurers know that we have zero tolerance for anything less than a full and fair offer. We’ll fight to help you secure every last dollar you need for medical bills, lost income, and more.

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Truck Accidents

Big rigs, semis, and other large commercial trucks tend to cause a lot of destruction and devastation when they’re involved in an auto accident. Often, these avoidable accidents happen because truck drivers are distracted, fatigued, or simply not trained properly. Our truck accident lawyers in St. Petersburg help crash victims stand up and fight for compensation – from negligent truckers, trucking companies, and anyone else who might have played a role.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists who wear helmets are more likely to survive a crash than those who don’t. However, a motorcycle accident can still leave riders with catastrophic, life-changing injuries. These injuries can be costly and change the course of a rider’s life forever. Those responsible must be held accountable. Our St. Petersburg motorcycle accident lawyers fight for injured motorcycle crash victims every day – working hard to secure full compensation from all liable parties.

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Medical Malpractice

We seek out doctors and healthcare providers because they’re specialists – experts in medicine. We trust that they’ll help us, not put us in harm’s way. Unfortunately, medical mistakes happen – all too often. When they do, our St. Petersburg medical malpractice lawyers can help. We have the experience and resources necessary to match powerful hospitals and insurance companies in these types of disputes. 

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Uber & Lyft Accidents

Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft have made it a lot easier to travel around a busy city like St. Petersburg, Florida. However, Uber and Lyft accidents happen more often than you might think. And, after a crash, it can be tough for victims to recover the compensation they deserve. Uber and Lyft will deny responsibility and multiple insurance providers might be involved. Calling our Uber and Lyft accident lawyers is the best way to ensure that your rights are protected and that you’re set up for the win you deserve.

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Pedestrian Accidents

You can’t beat the weather in St. Petersburg, FL. It makes sense that a lot of people prefer to walk – rather than drive – around the city. However, St. Pete happens to have some of the most dangerous intersections in the state of Florida. Drivers speed, get distracted by their phones, and drive under the influence. Pedestrians tend to suffer the most serious consequences when accidents happen. Count on our pedestrian accident attorneys to hold negligent motorists accountable and fight to get the financial award you deserve.

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Wrongful Death

A fatal accident can be gutwrenching for surviving family members. While money won’t erase the pain of such a devastating loss or bring a loved one back, it can help to make life easier. It can also provide a sense of justice. That’s why our wrongful death lawyers in St. Petersburg fight for families every day. If you’ve suffered an unspeakable loss, reach out to our compassionate team for help. We’ll be there for you every step of the way.

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Slip & Fall Accidents

Slips, trips, and falls often happen when property owners don’t take care of hazards in their buildings or on their land. If you’ve suffered a slip and fall accident on someone else’s property, the owner may be legally obligated to cover your costs and expenses. Our lawyers will investigate, gather evidence, take witness statements, and work day and night to build a strong premises liability case on your behalf. We’ll do everything in our power to secure full compensation for your injuries and suffering.

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Our St. Petersburg personal injury law firm is here to help you and your family after an accident. We represent clients in cases involving defective products and product liability, workers’ compensation, social security disability, animal attacks and dog bites, and more. Call us to discuss your personal injury claim today. Your initial consultation with our team is free.

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Board Certified, Award Winning Trial Lawyers Fighting For You

Experience matters when you’re choosing an attorney to represent you after an accident in Florida.  It could be the difference between getting the maximum value of your injury case and leaving much-needed compensation on the negotiating table

Since 1955, Perenich, Caulfield, Avril & Noyes, P.A. has been a tireless advocate for accident and injury victims in St. Petersburg.  Our lawyers draw from experience and a depth of knowledge that can only come from exclusively practicing personal injury law continuously for over 66 years. 

It’s why we’ve received some of the highest honors, awards, and recognition in the legal industry.

  • AV Rated By Martindale Hubbell
  • Top 100 Trial Lawyers – National Trial Lawyers
  • Top 25 Medical Malpractice Lawyers – National Trial Lawyers
  • Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum
  • Super Lawyers Rising Stars
  • Top 40 Under 40 for National Black Lawyers

Several of our lawyers are also Board Certified in Civil Trial by the Florida Bar Association. This is a distinction reserved for less than 2% of attorneys in the Sunshine State – those who have spent considerable time in the courtroom and demonstrated an ability to win, time and time again.

Call our accomplished attorneys for a free consult today. We’re here when you need us.

The experience you need to maximize your financial recovery.

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Your Trusted St. Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys

Whether you’ve sustained a brain injury in an auto accident, lost a limb while using a defective product, or suffered a catastrophic injury because someone else was negligent – know that you can count on our St. Petersburg personal injury lawyers to help you pursue compensation from those responsible.

Perenich, Caulfield, Avril & Noyes, P.A. fights for accident victims like you every single day. Since our founding in 1955, we’ve recovered more than half a billion dollars in life-changing compensation on their behalves. Put our experience, resources, and passion to work for you. 

Give our law office a call or connect with us online to schedule a free consultation today.

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