Clearwater Paralysis Lawyer

    Paralysis is one of the scariest and most life-changing injuries you can experience after an accident. It can result from:

    • Car or motorcycle accidents
    • Serious falls
    • Gun accidents
    • Medical malpractice
    • Sports accidents

    Paralysis is relatively rare. Only about 1.9% of people in the United States become paralyzed after accidents. Out of the 11 million automobile accidents that occur annually, 12,000 of them result in paralysis.

    There are two main categories of paralysis:

    1. Quadriplegia. This affects the hands, arms, legs, and pelvic organs.
    2. Paraplegia, which affects only the lower extremities.

    Paralysis may be complete or incomplete. With a complete injury, the victim loses all feeling and ability  below the injured area. An incomplete injury, on the other hand, means that some sensory and motor functions remain below the affected area.

    Paralysis will likely change your life forever. Regaining your independence is not impossible, but does require substantial resources.

    After An Accident

    Aside from extensive medical treatment and care, you will also have to consider

    • The cost of long-term occupational or physical therapy
    • Retrofitting your home and motor vehicle to accommodate your needs
    • Lost wages
    • The impact of your injuries on your loved ones
    • Applying for disability

    If a loved one suffers from a spinal cord injury, you will still need to consider medical expenses, future needs, and any strains that arise from lost wages or other financial changes. Caring for paralyzed loved one puts a physical and mental strain on you, too, and your relationship with your loved one will have to adjust to these new limitations.

    If you become suffer a spinal cord injury, or if a loved one is paralyzed in an accident, we understand that you have a lot to deal with. That is why we are here to see you through the process of seeking compensation. Let an experienced spinal cord injury attorney see you through your case.

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