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    Lois D.

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    Marilyn G.

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    Tina B.

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    Barbara S.

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    Stephen B.

  • This was a serious accident for me. My attorney and his staff took my fear and anxiety away by letting me know they would help me through every step of the process. I never felt alone dealing with this situation. What a relief!

    Dana T.

  • Based on the company’s experience, professionalism, ease of access, the relaxed atmosphere, and fair pricing, I would recommend others visit Perenich, Caulfield, Avril & Noyes for representation after an accident.

    Annette W.

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    Patricia B.

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    Anna P.

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    Sarah L.

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    Maranda M.

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    Ginny W.

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  • I am 100% satisfied with my entire experience thus far. All incredible people.

    Lee B.

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    Helen S.

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    Dr. Michael F.

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    Isabel P.

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    Rachel B.

  • Everyone treated me in an excellent way and always with a smile. No doubt that I will come back if anything happens.

    L. S. B.

  • They did a great job of keeping me informed, and there was not one wasted meeting. They represented my entire family and made the process seamless.

    Robin K.

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    Michael Q.

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    M. K.

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    D. Ibrahimouic

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    Bob E.

  • All staff were very polite and kind in person or phone. The first time I came into the office I noticed how clean it was - that speaks volumes to me. The staff at front window was very kind and offered water, coffee, tea. My lawyer made the experience a walk in a park. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone that would ask my advice because of the great experience I had and the kindness I felt from all staff. I will be back if the need arises.

    Deborah S.

  • I was never alone. There was no silly question and I could call any time. I could not drive due to my injury and my attorney and her staff worked with me over the phone and we’re willing to come to me.

    Sherri S.

  • They were willing to represent me as if I were a long-term client. I never felt like an outsider and felt like I had always been part of the family. Honest and upfront.

    David F.

  • They get the job done. If one person didn’t have an answer for me, they would find someone who could, and my lawyer tried to help me in all ways possible, even if it had nothing to do with my disability case.

    Jamie A.

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    Earl B.

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    Francesca G.

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    James E.