Holiday Season: A Dangerous Time on the Roadways

There are always an increased number of drivers on the roads during the holiday season, travelling to see family and friends, and parties and family gathering help to spread holiday cheer. However, as a result of holiday parties, which can often go late into the night, the number of alcohol-impaired drivers on the road also increases. New Year’s Eve is a particularly dangerous time on the roads, especially after party goers welcome in the new year and then drive home after midnight, often after alcohol consumption.

Due to all the alcohol-related festivities during New Year’s, there is a great increase in motor vehicle accidents, and many of these accidents result in fatalities. Preventing holiday auto accidents does not mean you have to give up on going to parties, but it does mean that extra precautions should be taken if you plan on drinking at a party. Here are a few tips to get you safely through the holiday season:

  • Designate a sober driver before heading out for the night
  • Eat plenty of food, and avoid drinking on an empty stomach
  • Consider hiring a driving service, limo, or shuttle to take you and your friend’s home
  • If you know you will be drinking at a party, make arrangements in advance to sleep at a friend’s, or book a hotel room
  • Be prepared with the number of a taxi service on hand in your cell phone.

Whatever you do, don’t drink and drive! The holiday season is about togetherness and cheer, and you do not want to wreck anyone else’s holiday – or your own – by being involved in a drunk driving accident.


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