Simple Tips For Keeping Work Zones Safe

Safe, well-maintained, and effective roads are a vital part of our daily lives. And do you know who makes this possible? Construction workers! Construction workers brave traffic every day to do their hard work, which can include anything from painting roads to fixing potholes. To thank construction workers for their efforts, there is one very easy thing we can do — drive carefully in construction zones!

It’s The Law

Unlike school zones, where you must drive 15 miles per hour, construction zones don’t necessarily require a reduced speed limit. However, you should follow the posted speed limit when passing through a construction zone. You can get pulled over for speeding anywhere, but in a construction zone, the fines are very high. For going 10 to 14 MPH over the speed limit in a construction zone, the fine is $100. For higher speeds, the fine is higher, too. If you’re traveling 30 or more MPH over the speed limit, expect a fine of $250 or more. When there are workers present, the fine might be even higher.

Safe Driving Tips

To avoid high fines — and more importantly, to keep work zones safe! — staying alert is incredibly important. Like always, do not drive if you are intoxicated or tried, and stay away from all distractions, especially cell phones. If you are drunk, drowsy, or distracted, you could veer off the road in a work zone, or not have time to properly react to an obstacle in front of you. Similarly, follow all traffic rules! Along with obeying the speed limit, do not pass illegally, make sudden or erratic lane changes, or attempt to go off the road to pass or avoid traffic. Traffic is sometimes slowed down in work zones, so be patient.

Safe driving in construction zones makes a huge difference. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, there are about 750 deaths in construction zones every year. While vehicle occupants are also injured in such accidents, an average of 115 workers are killed annually. Since deaths and injuries in work zones are entirely preventable, these statistics should not be so high.


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