A Unique Week For Product Lawsuits

From dead rodents to fraudulent donuts, it’s been a unique week for product lawsuits.

Eek! A Mouse!

In the first case, a woman got a surprise after purchasing a dress from a Zara store. On her first day wearing the dress, the woman noticed a “disturbingly pungent” odor. She couldn’t escape the smell, even after getting up from her desk and walking around. Later, when she looked down to brush away a string, she noticed a weird bulge in her dress — and a tiny rodent hand poking out of her dress! A dead mouse was allegedly sewn into the inside of the dress.

The woman took off the dress, but still developed a rash, which she claims is a rodent-spread disease. She is suing Zara for personal injury and mental distress. Additionally, she claims that the company failed to properly inspect the dresses. Zara has yet to comment directly on the incident, though they did state that their company “has stringent health and safety standards,” and is “committed to ensuring that all our products meet these rigorous requirements.”

No Fruit? No Fair!

In Los Angeles, another lawsuit developed after a customer had a horrible realization: Krispy Kreme donuts do not actually contain fruit. His lawsuit states that “unbeknownst to Plaintiff and other consumers, the raspberry products do not contain actual raspberries, the maple products do not contain actual maple syrup or maple sugar, and the blueberry products do not contain actual blueberries.”

The consumer alleges that he would not have purchased the products if he knew their real ingredients. Shockingly, he is seeking upwards of $5 million in damages from the company’s false advertising.

These two cases are extreme, unusual, and in the case of the Krispy Kreme lawsuit, a little excessive. However, it’s important to remember that product liability is a very real issue. After an injury, learn more about your rights.


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