Finding Compensation For A Work-Related Car Accident

Do you ever run errands during the work day? Maybe you go to the store to make copies or deliver some mail to a client. If you are in a car accident, will workers’ compensation cover your injuries?

As you know, worker’s compensation is a system that allows workers to claim money for workplace injuries. For an injury to be compensable under workers’ compensation, it needs to be work-related. While most workplace accidents happen at the literal job site, there are some exceptions. These include required out-of-work activities, like a conference or seminar, and accidents that occur when an employee is traveling for work.

Receiving Workers’ Compensation for a Car Accident

So for a car accident to fall under worker’ compensation, the employee must be engaged in a workplace activity when the accident occurs. This might include:

  • Making a delivery
  • Driving another employee for work-related purposes
  • Work-related travel (for example, driving to an out-of-town conference to represent the company)

If the accident occurs while they are running a work-related errand, workers’ compensation will likely cover their injuries. Even if the employee was at-fault in the accident, they will likely still receive workers’ compensation. This is because workers’ compensation is a no-fault system. Similarly to how an employee cannot sue an employer for their injuries if they receive workers’ compensation, an employer must still pay workers’ compensation even if the employee is at-fault in a work-related car accident.

Some Exceptions

Since the accident needs to relate to work, there are exceptions. The accident might not be compensable if the employee is:

  • Commuting to or from work
  • On a meal break
  • Away from the work site without permission of their employer

If an employee is running a work-related errand and then decides to stop for coffee, then gets into an accident in the drive-thru line, it might not be covered under workers’ compensation, because it was not technically in the line of work. In these cases, determining compensation can be challenging.

If you are in a car accident during a work-related errand, you should inform your employer as soon as possible. Sometimes, it might not seem like you can claim workers’ compensation if the accident occurred out of the office. But if the accident is work-related, you deserve compensation from your employer.


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