Winters & Yonker suspended from practicing law

The Florida Supreme Court handed down its decision yesterday, suspending attorneys, William Winters and Marc Yonker for stealing files, and deceiving clients.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the Florida Bar charged Winters and Yonker back in 2010 for professional misconduct. When the decision was heard by the Florida Supreme Court, it decided that Winters and Yonker’s “personal use” of their former employer’s client files were acts of criminal theft. The partners had apparently copied client files and took possession of them without authorization.

As reported by Tampa Bay Online, the two lawyers were accused of soliciting clients from their former employer, asking clients to quit that firm and be represented by them in their new firm.

According to the court’s decision, as of yesterday (September 6, 2012), Winters and Yonker now have 30 days to close out their practice and protect the interests of existing clients.

Although these attorneys deemed themselves to be the “aggressive attorneys,” it appears their aggressiveness crossed the line into the unethical practice of law. This behavior is unfortunate for the legal community and disheartening for current and future clients. However, this sort of case is a perfect reminder to the legal community to always act with fairness, civility, and integrity when serving each and every client.

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