Chances of car accidents increase with wet roads

The Sarasota/Manatee county line saw a string of car accidents last week. I-75 played host to a massive 47 car pileup that shut down that interstate for hours. Although 52 people were injured, and 22 of them were transported to area hospitals, thankfully there were no fatalities in this massive accident..

Investigators are still looking into last week’s pileup, but have indicated that wet roads, coupled with careless driving, contributed to the mess. Apparently, a band of rain formed over I-75 near the area of the wreck shortly before the chaos of the massive accident.

This accident reminds us that wet roads must be taken seriously. It is important to keep in kind that the speed limits posted on our roadways are the maximum allowable speeds if ideal conditions are present. It is also important to realize that when roads first become wet, the conditions are most dangerous as the rain mixes with the oils and other chemicals on the road to create slippery conditions. Stay safe out there and use extra caution when driving on wet roads.

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