Trooper Injured in Palm Harbor Crash

According to Bay News 9 a Florida Highway Patrol trooper was injured in an auto accident in a Palm Harbor crash on Friday.

The crash occurred at U.S. 19 and Tampa Road. The trooper’s vehicle was heavily damaged and emergency crews took the trooper to the hospital for treatment.

Florida Highway Patrol officials said the driver who caused the auto accident was arrested for DUI.

If you see a drunk driver on the road, there are some basic safety measures you can take to protect yourself and others.  Try to memorize the license plate number of the vehicle, if your car is stopped at a light, write down the plate number.  If you are able to see the driver, try to remember their physical appearance. Also memorize the color and make of the car. When you can safely pull over, call 911.

Your efforts could prevent an auto accident and save a persons life!

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