Theme parks and your legal rights

As you are making your last summer trips to local theme parks, keep in mind the following facts about theme park rides:

  1. Florida exempts many theme parks from state regulation and in parks with 1,000 or more employees, rides may go for years with only park staff handling the inspections;
  2. Federal safety regulations do not apply to amusement rides permanently affixed at a park, i.e. a roller coaster at Busch Gardens. This permits the ride manufacturers, owners-operators, and insurers to handle safety as they choose, and they often have the right to keep safety information private;
  3. Theme park rides in coastal environments, such as in Florida, require even more attention to maintenance because of the salt air that can more quickly corrode metal and affect electrical components.

These facts are not meant to frighten anyone, but merely to call attention to the fact that theme park should be taking the appropriate precautions and safety measures to make sure you, the park visitor, are safe and can enjoy yourself. As always, you still need to make sure you are following the park’s rules and regulations.

Just because theme parks are not state regulated and may keep their safety information private does not mean that they do not owe you, the park visitor, a duty to use reasonable care to keep you safe while in their park and while on their rides. Amusement parks rides require proper staffing and supervision, particularly at the loading and unloading portions of the rides. Be on the lookout for distracted or disinterested employees operating the rides. These personnel are there to look out for your safety and should be paying close attention to you and the ride. Further, theme parks must properly train its employees, adequately and timely inspect and maintain its rides, and ensure that rides are not being run during unsafe weather conditions.

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