Rooting for the Bucs – and Safety – on Super Bowl Sunday!

Super Bowl Sunday is a huge day for accidents. And no, we’re not talking about Janet Jackson’s 2004 wardrobe mishap or the 2013 blackout during Beyoncé’s performance! We’re talking about the dangerous increase in drunk driving after the Super Bowl.

Go Bucs!

This year, there’s plenty of reasons to excited about the Super Bowl! Our very own Tampa Bay Buccaneers made it all the way to the Super Bowl this year, and the event is taking place at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. The Super Bowl is also being used as an opportunity to think healthcare workers for their dedication throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, as vaccinate healthcare workers will be filling up the stands to watch the game. No matter who wins, there is so much to celebrate.

However, it’s important to stay safe during the Super Bowl!

Super Bowl Statistics

On average, 17 people are killed in car accidents on a regular Sunday. On Super Bowl Sunday, the number of fatalities shoots up to 24. Overall, the chances of an accident increase by around 40% during the Super Bowl.

This is unfortunately unsurprising, considering that the average blood alcohol content (BAC) level during the Super Bowl is 0.091%. For comparison, the average BAC level is .094% for both New Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s Day, and .09% for Cinco de Mayo. The legal limit for driving is 0.08%, which puts the average BAC for the Super Bowl way above legal limits.

While drunk driving is the major culprit, other factors also have a negative effect. After a night of drinking and cheering, drivers are likely to be tired, which dulls their senses and reaction time. And regardless of if their team wins or loses, emotions are likely to high, leading to distracted driving. Driving at night can also be dangerous, due to decreased visibility.

Staying Safe

The Super Bowl is a fun event, but a DUI can wreck the mood entirely—and put lives at risk. To safely enjoy the game, keep these tips in mind:

  • If you are drinking during the game, stop drinking after the third quarter. Have some water or a snack during the final quarter, and give your body some time to digest the alcohol.
  • Drink plenty of water before and during the game, and alternate alcoholic beverages with water or soda.
  • Don’t forget to eat! Drinking on an empty stomach is particularly dangerous, so be sure to chow down on some chips, pizza, or other snacks during the game.
  • If you are at a bar or party, have a plan to get home. Find a friend willing to be a designated driver, or plan to call an Uber or taxi.
  • Don’t let friends drink and drive. If you haven’t been drinking, offer to give an impaired friend a safe ride home, or call them an Uber or taxi.
  • If you feel unable to drive, do not drive!

No matter who you are cheering for, take the steps to protect yourself and others on the roads during the Super Bowl— because no matter what team we support, we can all cheer for the Bucs and safety!


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