Is It Illegal To Drive Below The Speed Limit?

Slow drivers in the left lane. They’re annoying. They’re infuriating. But are they actually doing anything illegal?

Since driving under the speed limit can dangerously impede the flow of traffic, it is considered a traffic violation. It’s uncommon for drivers to receive a ticket for driving below the speed limit, but it is possible!

Stay In The Right Lane

According to Florida Statutes, all drivers should drive in the right lane, with two main exceptions:

  • When they are overtaking and passing another vehicle
  • When they are moving out of the way of an obstruction in the road (ex: a stalled vehicle)

However, people obviously drive in the left lane all the time. This generally isn’t an issue, unless they are driving below the posted speed limit. Florida Statutes adds that a driver should not be in the left-hand lane if they “know or reasonably should know that they are being overtaken in that lane from the rear by a motor vehicle traveling at a higher rate of speed.”

If a driver knows that they are going slower than other traffic, they should not be in the left lane. Even in the right lane, a slow driver can be annoying, but in the left lane, where people tend to drive faster, a slow driver could lead to a rear-end collision or other accident. This is why special attention is paid to left lane driving in Florida Statutes.

Flow Of Traffic

If there are no other vehicles on the road, there generally isn’t an issue with driving below the speed limit. However, if a slow driver is impeding the normal flow of traffic, they can be ticketed for blocking traffic.

Slow drivers are annoying, but try to have a little patience. They could be an elderly driver who can’t see very well, a new driver who is being overly cautious, or a tourist looking for their turn. If you can, go around them and be on your way!


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