Sideswipe Accidents: Just As Serious As Any Other Accident

Have you ever bumped into someone while walking down the sidewalk or an aisle of the grocery store? When you’re walking, a simple bump usually isn’t that big of a deal, although it can sometimes be embarrassing or awkward! If two vehicles do the same thing, however, the results are much more serious.

When two cars come into contact with each other, it is called a sideswipe accident. These accidents often occur when a driver is attempting to change lanes or merge into traffic after entering or exiting a ramp. A common cause of sideswipe accidents is drivers who do not properly check their blind spots before moving into a new lane. Distracted driver also cause a fair amount of sideswipe accidents, because they can easily drift out of their lane or neglect to see another vehicle if they are texting, putting on makeup, or are otherwise distracted.

Causes of Sideswipe Accidents

A sideswipe accident may not seem as dangerous as a head-on collision. However, cars are built to protect passengers during a head-on collision, and contain shock absorbers in the front of the vehicle. There are also shock absorbers in the rear of the vehicle, which protect passengers during rear-end collisions. The middle of the car, however, does not have shock absorbers. This means that the passengers can take the full force of the hit.

Sideswipe accidents are also dangerous because they can cause one or both drivers to swerve, skid, or lose control of their vehicle. When this happens, they may hit yet another car, a tree, pole, or other obstacle, furthering the injuries and damages of the crash. In extreme cases, a sideswipe accident could cause a vehicle to flip or roll.

Any Accident Can Cause Injuries

A sideswipe accident can result in various injuries, including:

  • Head and back injuries
  • Whiplash and other neck injuries
  • Head trauma
  • Broken bones
  • Sprains and strains
  • Lacerations
  • Eye damage, especially retinal detachment
  • Facial trauma

Sometimes, life-changing injuries, like loss of limb or paralysis, may occur. Emotional issues, like PTSD, can also arise from any kind of car accident.

Sideswipe accidents might seem minor, but any kind of car accident can have devastating consequences. Check your blind spots and keep your eyes on the road!


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