Severe Weather Lawsuits: Extreme but True

From dramatic sinkholes to blustery storms, Florida is home to some strange and dangerous weather. To ensure all Floridians are well-prepared, the Florida Division of Emergency Management declared this week Severe Weather Awareness Week. Every day of the week focused on a specific weather event, like lightning or flooding. A statewide tornado drill also took place on Wednesday. For more information on severe weather safety, check out the resources on Florida Emergency Management’s website, or visit Planning for weather disasters is important, but we know it can be stressful. So let’s have some fun, too, by looking into some weird weather lawsuits!

Extreme and Strange Weather Lawsuits

  1. Fed up with a slew of bad weather events in the world, a Nebraska senator filed a complaint against a very unique defendant: God. The senator blamed God for recent disasters, including “fearsome floods, egregious earthquakes, horrendous hurricanes, terrifying tornadoes, and pestilent plagues.” If you can believe it, though, his lawsuit wasn’t actually serious. He was poking fun at frivolous lawsuits, making the point that people will sue anyone.
  2. Scientists, governmental agencies, and weather stations keep us informed about upcoming weather events. But what happens if they’re wrong, or if they neglect to inform us at all? After a 2009 earthquake in L’Aquila, Italy, six seismologists went to prison after failing to warn locals about the impending quake.
  3. Many communities oppose offshore oil drilling, and a lawsuit in Alaska shows why. The  village of Kivalina faces erosion and water pollution. In 2011, orange colored goo washed up along their shores. Believing greenhouse gases emitted by nearby Exxon Mobile work was the cause of their environmental issues, Kivalina sued the oil company. The suit was dismissed. However, Kivalina will still likely vanish by 2025.
  4. We trust our local weather station to give up the best updates, but one woman in Israel apparently trusted her weatherman a little too much. She sued the weathercaster after claiming that his inaccurate weather report caused her to fall ill with the flu, as she hadn’t dressed appropriately for the day’s harsh weather. Her illness caused her to miss a week of work. She sued for lost wages, plus compensation for her required medication.

Are You Prepared?

Some of these cases may be extreme, but remember that severe weather can impact your health and property. From slip and falls on icy sidewalks to damage from fallen trees, weather can lead to personal injury issues. Be prepared!


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