Semi flips after being cut off in Florida

The driver of a semi in Florida was injured when the vehicle flipped as was a passenger in the truck. Both sets of injuries were described as being minor, though the driver and the passenger did go to the hospital to get treatment. The overturned truck blocked multiple lanes and really tied up traffic on Butler Boulevard. The crash happened close to Gate Parkway. It took place in the eastbound lanes.

Reports show that the accident may have been caused by another vehicle that cut the semi off while driving on the boulevard. The Florida Highway Patrol stated that this other car was in the right lane. However, for reasons that are still unknown, the driver then decided to switch to the center lane and then did it very abruptly.

The semi driver, having been cut off, just attempted to avoid an accident with the much smaller car. He slammed on the brakes and locked them up, trying to come to a stop. With the brakes locked, the truck smashed into the concrete barrier running between the eastbound lanes and the westbound lanes. This caused the semi to overturn and land on its side, the wheels facing back the way it had come.

Even when there is not a collision between two vehicles, it is possible to trace the cause of a crash, in some cases, to another vehicle. Those who have been injured in truck accidents that happened because of erratic driving need to know what their legal rights are when they seeking financial compensation.

Source: WOKV, “Semi crash causes traffic nightmare on Butler Boulevard” Anneliese Delgado, Aug. 08, 2014

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