Police seek two cowardly drivers in St. Augustine death

It’s bad enough when a driver hits a pedestrian and flees the scene. In Saint Augustine, police are trying to find the drivers of two separate cars who hit a pedestrian and took off, leaving the man to die on the highway. A passer-by who found him tried to help but the injuries were too severe. The 49 year-old victim bicycled from his home in Michigan to Florida, intent on seeing the Keys. Instead, he decided to stay in Saint Augustine, and took a job in a local restaurant. Shortly after leaving work a few days ago he was struck and killed. The medical examiner says his injuries suggest he was hit by two cars.

After arriving in town several years ago, the man quickly made a lot of friends, and those friends are filling in the details of his life. He loved to ride his bike, and told tales of leaving everything he owned back in Michigan to journey to Florida. It took months.  Friends say he was planning to go back to Michigan a few days before his death to visit his mother, who has cancer.

Police found his bicycle near his body on the side of the road, undamaged. Investigators don’t know if he was riding it or walking it. He was struck around midnight on November 18. Police are trying to round up surveillance video — There is no description of the cars that hit him. His friends at the restaurant where he worked and at the American Legion hall where he socialized at the bar are devastated. The Legion bartender told a reporter, “It’s a rare thing in this business to say you’ve never heard a bad word about someone. I’ve never heard a bad word about the guy.” The investigation and the search for suspects continues.

Source: St. Augustine Record, “Pedestrian killed ‘fell in love’ with the city,” Sheldon Gardner, Nov. 20, 2012

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