Run-flat tires provide drivers with increased safety in the event of a flat-tire or tire blowout.

If you have ever had to pull to the side of the road to deal with a flat-tire, you know that it is a terribly frustrating experience. Besides the frustration, there often is not a good place to pull over in order to change the tire or wait for help, leaving you vulnerable to the dangers of passing traffic.

However, changing a flat-tire on the side of the road is becoming a thing of the past. Newer tires, called run-flat tires, are available to drivers. These tires feature high-stiffness rubber inserts in the sidewall of the tire, which can provide drivers with 50 to 100 miles of driving in order to find help. Vehicles using run-flat tires have a tire pressure monitoring system to alert the driver to the existence of a tire pressure change.

If run-flat tires are of interest to you, consider the pros and cons of the new tires. As for the pros, the run-flat tires (1) allow you to drive on a flat tire; (2) give you better stability in the event of a flat tire or blowout; and (3) provide for a lighter-weight vehicle, as there is no need for a spare tire. The lack of a spare tire can also be considered a con, as run-flat equipped vehicles usually are not even equipped with a jack or tire changing tools. As for other cons, run-flat tires (1) are more expensive than regular tires; (2) make for a harder ride because of the stiff sidewalls; (3) can still result in blowouts if the driver fails to heed the run-flat warning; (4) are not readily-available at all tire dealers; and (5) are being shown to have a shorter lifespan, resulting in more frequent tire replacement and repair costs.

For those considering run-flat tires, the increased safety and convenience must be weighed against the increased costs and tread wear concerns. Run-flat tires are offered on less than 3% of vehicles in North America today, however, we can expect to see these tires on many more newer vehicles in the near future.

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