The Common Causes of Rollover Crashs

Rollover crashes—car accidents where a vehicle flips over onto its roof or side—are one of the scariest types of car accidents. While they are relatively rare, rollover crashes are often fatal, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association. Rollover accidents account for about 2.1% of all car accidents, yet result in nearly 35% of all car accident fatalities each year.

Like all types of car accidents, rollover crashes are frequently caused by intoxicated drivers, distracted drivers, and speeding. However, there are some additional factors that may increase the risk of a rollover accident.

Here are three factors that increase the risk of rollover accidents.

Car Type

According to the National Highway Traffic Association, some types of vehicles are more likely to be involved in rollover accidents. Tall, narrow vehicles are especially susceptible to rollover accidents, as they have a higher-center of gravity and are more likely to flip over during a collision. This includes SUVs, pickup trucks, and vans.

Rural Roads

The majority of rollover accidents occur on rural roads, rather than busy or well-traveled highways. This is likely because rural roads tend to be undivided, without barriers to prevent vehicles from rolling over during an accident. Additionally, drivers may be more inclined to go over the speed limit on rural road, where there is less traffic. Since speeding is one of the main causes of rollover crashes, this makes rural roads particularly dangerous when it comes to this type of car accident.

Tire Condition

Worn, damaged, or badly made tires can also increase a driver’s risk of being involved in a rollover car accident. When tires are damaged or in need of replacing, a vehicle loses some of its connection to the road. This makes it harder for the driver to safely control their car during an accident, which increases the risk of a rollover car accident. For example, a driver with up-to-date, well-made tires might be able to quickly and safely move out of the way of an obstacle in the road, while a sudden movement could prove deadly for a driver without proper tires.

Like other types of car accidents, drivers can prevent rollover crashes by practicing safe driving behavior, being aware of others on the roads, and making sure their vehicle is in safe condition. If you are injured in a rollover crash or another type of car accident, an experienced car accident attorney may be able to help see you through your case.


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