The Basics of Rental Car Insurance

While bustling, tourist-y areas are always fun, some travelers prefer to take the road less traveled. If you’re looking to experience local roads, sites, and foods, renting a car is a great way to travel around a new area. But because you’re driving a car that isn’t yours, rentals can be daunting and challenging. But don’t let the scary idea of a car accident in a new place stop you from enjoying your trip!

Know Your Insurance

To put your mind at ease, do some research before renting a car. Look into your own auto insurance policy, and see if it covers rental car accidents. Many insurance companies do provide coverage for rented vehicles. You might actually have better coverage than you think you do! Be aware of how much coverage is available through your own insurance, and what kind of damage your insurance will cover. Know if you are responsible for any deductibles.

Make sure to note if you have bodily injury coverage through your own insurance, too. If you are found responsible for an accident, this helps pay the costs for injuries sustained by other people.

Read That Paperwork

Even when you’ve familiarized yourself with your own insurance coverage, thoroughly read the rental agreement before signing anything. Note any extra listed damages that you will be liable for, especially if they are not covered by your own coverage. If something is confusing, ask and make sure you understand it.

Safe Travels!

And finally, remember that all these complexities are easily avoided through safe driving! While you can’t always avoid the reckless decisions of other drivers, you can be alert and responsible. When driving in a new area, pay attention to their specific road laws, particularly if you are driving outside the United States. You are on vacation, but you still need to do your part to keep the roads safe!


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