Car Accidents and Red Light Cameras – Are They Working?

Most Florida car accidents happen at intersections. Are red light cameras reducing the number of automobile crashes?

According to the Tampa Bay Times, rear-end car crashes are down 45 percent in St. Petersburg since the cameras were put in, and red-light related automobile accidents at intersections are down 60 percent. Officials in St. Petersburg compared the average number of red-light accidents in the three years before the cameras were installed to the numbers in the six months since the cameras were installed and found that that number of accidents related to red-light running at the 10 intersections with cameras has dropped 60 percent.

The red light cameras are also money makers. According to the article, in six months, Tampa brought in about $3.4 million in revenue from red-light camera violations. Tampa cleared just under $1 million after paying the state ($1.8 million) and private camera vendor American Traffic Solutions ($630,000) their shares. In St. Petersburg, where police began ticketing red-light runners in late October, fines produced about $1.9 million through the end of April. The city kept about $900,000. Take away operating costs.

The Tampa intersection with the most red-light violations was northbound N Lois Avenue at W Hillsborough Avenue, followed by the southbound side of S 50th Street at Adamo Drive. In St. Petersburg, the most red-light runners were caught at 34th Street and 38th Avenue N. Second place went to 34th Street and First Avenue S.

To avoid being involved in a car accident at these intersections (and to avoid the red-light camera ticket), drive safely at all intersections. Doing so could save your life or the life of a loved one in your car.


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