Recall Roundup: September 2018

Welcome to the September 2018 Recall Roundup

Summer is officially over—for non-Floridians, at least—and we’re approaching the fall and winter seasons, a time that many associate with holiday cheer, family gatherings, and warm comfort. Between breaking out the sweaters, sipping your pumpkin spice drinks, and counting down toward Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, you probably don’t have much time to stay up-to-date on recent product recalls. That’s why we’re here with our September 2018 edition of Recall Roundup!

Roadway Risks

If you are already planning ahead for holiday travel, there are a few recent vehicle recalls you should be aware of. Many vehicle brands were plagued with product defects throughout September 2018. The issues ranged from break line damage to incorrect tire size information, all of which could lead to annoyances or risks on the road.

Treats and Feasts

Since so much of fall is about warmth and gathering, food also plays an important role as the weather gets a little colder. From Halloween treats to Thanksgiving feasts, food is an integral part of fall. But due to recent recalls, there are some brands you should keep off your shelves and tables for now:

All these recalls concern undeclared allergens, a massive danger for people with food allergies. If members of your family have allergies or sensitivities, keep these products out of your home.

Something for Floridians

Last but not least, this one is perfect for Floridians, who are still dealing with scorching summer weather: Kaz USA has recalled its insect zappers. The insect kill grid can detach, posing a shock hazard for humans. So if you’re still battling summertime mosquitos and other flying critters while the rest of the world enjoys lattes and sweaters, avoid this product!

Whether you’re already embracing the fall weather or if you’re a Floridian praying for temperatures below 90 degrees, recent recalls are something you should be aware of this fall. You can find out more about September 2018 recalls through the Food and Drug Administration or Consumer Affairs.

Have a safe start to the fall and remember to tune in next month for another Recall Roundup!


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