Recall Roundup: June 2019

It’s getting hot out there! Whether you’re hiding indoors or embracing the heat, you don’t want to add an injury from a dangerous or defective product to your summertime agenda. Check out our June 2018 Recall Roundup to make sure that a dangerous product isn’t lurking around your home this summer.

Bad Berries

When you’re trying to beat the heat, a refreshing treat, like a smoothie or a bowl of ice cream, is the perfect choice. But if you’re looking to use fruit in any of your creations, watch out. Three brands of fresh and frozen fruits saw recalls in June 2019:

The two frozen fruits were recalled over concerns of norovirus, a disease that spreads through contaminated food or water. Its symptoms include abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, and diarrhea. Though it’s not generally fatal on its own, norovirus can lead to dehydration and other complications. This makes it particularly dangerous for young children, elderly people, and people with compromised immune systems.

Hepatitis, which has been a recent issue across Pinellas County restaurants, is a disease that causes inflammation of the liver. It spreads when a person ingests fecal matter from an infected person, and in the case of a food product, could spread if an infected person who works in manufacturing or production handles the product without washing their hands.

Both hepatitis and norovirus are unpleasant experiences and could wreck your summer fun! If you own any of these fruit products, you should not consume them and should instead take them to your local store for a refund. Thankfully, there have been no reports of illnesses from these products.

Fun in the Sun

While it might be hot out, summer is the perfect time for outdoor adventures. From dips in the ocean to trips to the beach, there are so many options for families who want to enjoy their summer vacation. With more people out and about for summertime activities, a few recalls from June 2019 are particularly noteworthy.

Beach or boating trips could be impacted by two June 2019 recalls. One concerns women’s beach cover-ups made by Ranee’s due to the company’s failure to meet federal flammability standards. However, only about 55 of these cover-ups were made and sold out of Ranee’s store in Miami, so the recall should only affect a small number of people. The other water-related recall comes from Mares and concerns their buoyancy compensation vests, which are used for scuba diving. A button on the vest can become unscrewed, leading to a loss of buoyancy and a drowning hazard.

A pair of toddler’s rain boots from Target were also recalled in June 2019, which could pose a problem during the rainy months. An attachment on the boots can fall off, leading to a choking hazard. Finally, climbing sticks from Xtreme Outdoor Products was recalled over a product defect, which could lead to a fall hazard when using the product.

Dealing with a Recall

No matter what your plans are for the rest of this summer, be safe by staying updated on product recalls! For more information, check out our Dealing with a Recall blog, and stayed tuned for next month’s Recall Roundup.


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