Tips for a Safe Prom Night

Do you remember your high school prom? If you attended, you probably have fond memories of donning black-tie attire and dancing the night away with your friends. And if you now have children or family members who are headed to the dance, you’re probably looking forward to reliving some of those memories. But amid all the excitement, make sure to take some time to also talk to your teen about prom night safety.

Alcohol Safety on Prom Night

On prom night, one of the biggest issues is car accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, roughly one-third of all teen driving fatalities occur between April and June, the peak season for high school proms. Like many teen car accidents, alcohol plays a major and dangerous role in prom night accidents. The chances of drinking and driving vastly increases around events like prom. In fact, 54% of students admit to consuming alcohol during prom or at an after-party.

When they are wearing fancy clothes and enjoying one of their final hurrahs of high school, it can be easy for teens to think they are “adult” enough to handle driving after a few drinks. But when they get behind the wheel after drinking, an enjoyable prom can quickly take a tragic turn.

As a parent, guardian, or family member, one of the best things you can do is teach the teen in your life about the dangers of drinking and driving. Long before they head to prom, start setting a good example by avoiding irresponsible behavior yourself, and teach them to have a healthy attitude toward drinking and drugs. On prom night, you can also:

  • Limit the number of passengers the teen can have in their car
  • Make sure everyone is wearing a seatbelt
  • Decide on a curfew in advance
  • Know where they will be going and who they will be with, including during any post-prom activities
  • Make sure any parties will be supervised by a trusted adult

Above all, you should try to encourage them to always put safety first.  Make sure they always know that they can call you for a safe ride home—while you might punish them for drinking later, let them know that their safety is still your top priority.

Staying Safe at Prom Parties

Another potentially dangerous part of prom is after-parties. Once students leave the supervision of prom, they may move on to parties at other locations, often someone’s house. If they are unsupervised, teen house parties can quickly spin out of control. When this happens, teens may become vulnerable to drugs, violence, or sexual assault.

To make sure they stay safe, teach your teen to:

  • Never except a drink from anyone, even if it is just a water or soda
  • Avoid aggressive confrontations
  • Stay with a friend or group of friends at all times
  • Say no to anything they are uncomfortable with
  • Call 911 if someone is suffering from a drug overdose or alcohol poisoning

Prom night is a fun adventure for high school students, and seeing their teens all dressed up is a proud moment for parents, too. Make sure the teen in your life follows all these safety tips so their prom night can be a wonderful night they will talk about for years to come!

Happy Prom Season!


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