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Fell down. Now what?

Falling down in a store, a public park, or a restaurant can be an embarrassing event. Most people will quickly get up and brush themselves off and hope that no one saw the slip or trip. Then, they wake up the next day with pain, and never think to hold anyone responsible besides themselves for being “clumsy.” But a lot of the times, it is NOT your fault, it is often the negligence of the property owner for failing to make the area safe for people like you and I.

In Florida, business owners have a legal responsibility to make their business safe for customers and the general public or to warn of dangerous conditions on the property (this also applies to property owners who invite people onto their property). Keeping the property safe includes floors, ceilings, doors, hanging objects, signs, etc. For example, if a restaurant has broken tile at the entrance of the store, the owner has a duty to make the tile safe and/or place signs, or barriers, or some other type of warning to keep people from harming themselves.

This responsibility to make the property safe or warn of known dangers, is not just for business owners; this also includes homeowners, places of employment, city/government property, and apartment complexes or condominiums.

If you trip, slip and fall on anyone’s property it is important to look to see what you caused you to fall. Was it something broken? Was it food or liquid on the floor? Was it a loose object or debris that should not have been there? This is important to know because the state of Florida requires that YOU prove the property owner knew about the danger on the property or should have known (because it was there long enough for them to know) and they failed to fix it before you became injured by it. For example, if you slip on a banana in the grocery aisle and the banana is brown with rotten spots on it, and footprints are in it, your attorney can argue that the banana had been on the floor for a long time because of the way it looked, which means someone should have known about it and cleaned it up before you got hurt!

If you, a family member, or a friend is injured in a slip or trip and fall because of the negligence of the property owner for failure to make the premises safe, or to warn of the dangers, ALWAYS speak with an attorney about your legal rights! The personal injury attorneys at Perenich, Caulfield, Avril & Noyes have been caring for clients in the Tampa Bay area for over 55 years. Click here for a free case consultation or contact us today!



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