What Does Premise Liability Have To Do With Kim Kardashian West?

Paris Robbery

Kim Kardashian West does not have much in common with your average person. She has a reality show, a famous family and husband, and an overall glamorous, coveted, and sometimes excessive lifestyle. This week, however, while staying at a private residence in Paris, she was tied up in a bathroom and robbed by five masked men, and probably felt the same terror and helplessness that many of us would feel in a similar situation. While Kardashian West is physically fine after the incident and reunited with her family, she was robbed of at least nine million dollars’ worth of jewelry.

Again, most of us probably don’t have extravagantly expensive possessions lying around. Still, many people have nice jewelry, laptops and other technology, and important family heirlooms that they would not want stolen or damaged. When you rent an apartment or stay at a temporary residence, you may bring some of these important items along with you. If they are stolen, who is liable?

Typically, you are responsible for your own personal possessions. However, the landlord or property owner is responsible for the premises, and has a duty to keep you safe. This includes securing your apartment or other property against robbers or other assailants.

Safety Measures

  • Make sure all residencies have a proper locking doorknob and a deadbolt lock
  • Secure all doors and windows
  • Make sure renters are aware of any crime or other dangers in the area
  • Keep the premises properly lit
  • Change the locks after a tenant moves out
  • Listen to any safety complaints from tenants, and work to address the problems in a timely manner

If a robbery occurs due toy your own actions (like leaving the door unlocked, or inviting someone into your home), then it will be difficult to place blame on the landlord, as the robbery or damage did not result from their negligence. On the other hand, if you had previously complained to your landlord about a faulty doorknob and nothing was done, the landlord might be liable.

If you are the victim of a robbery or other crime, you should report it to the police. Then, inform your landlord of the events and any damage. If you think the crime arose from negligent or inadequate property maintenance, talk with a personal injury attorney. Your safety should be your landlord’s priority, and all parties should work to keep the premises safe!


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