Fort Worth Pile-Up Accident is a Reminder to Drive Safe

When a driver decides to sneak a peek at a text message or gets behind the wheel after having a few beers at a party, it doesn’t just affect them. One reckless decision can impact another innocent driver on the roads—or as a recent tragic pile-up accident in Texas shows, dozens of drivers.

Fort Worth, Texas Pile-Up Accident

The accident in Texas occurred on a busy interstate in Fort Worth. In this particular accident, it’s unclear if a driver’s reckless decisions are to blame or if bad weather and unsalted winter roads contributed to the accident in a large, dangerous way. Regardless of the cause, the accident ended up involving a staggering 133 vehicles, with wrecked vehicles and stopped traffic occupying a half-mile stretch of the interstate. So far, there have been six deaths reported from the pile-up accident, plus dozens of hospitalizations. Along with injuries related to car accident trauma, others were treated for injuries from the cold weather. Many of the involved drivers were reportedly healthcare workers, likely on their way to and from a hospital or other medical center to deal with COVID-19 and other health emergencies.

In this accident, weather and hard-to-navigate roads were likely a large factor, and it’s believed that the accident likely began when a driver lost control of their vehicle. It’s unclear if dangerous driver behavior played a role, but the accident is still a massive tragedy for the people of Fort Worth.

Avoiding a Pile-Up Accident

Pile-up accidents like this was relatively uncommon, but drivers can still take steps to prevent causing—or being involved in—a pile-up accident like the one in Fort Worth. To do your part to keep yourself and others safe on the roads, follow these tips to avoid a pile-up car accident.

  • If you’re driving in poor weather conditions, like rain, snow, or heavy fog, slow down. Bad weather impacts visibility, and slowing down ensures you’ll have time to stop for a sudden obstacle, like the car in front of you slamming on their brakes.
  • Brake and turn slowly, and avoid any sudden movements
  • Give other drivers plenty of space and remember that their visibility may be different than yours
  • If you are involved in a pile-up accident, stay in your vehicle, if possible. If many cars are involved, getting out of your car could lead to even more injury if an out-of-control car hits you. Of course, don’t hesitate to call 911 and get medical attention for any injuries.
  • If you’re in an accident and on the side of the road, turn on your hazard lights so that other drivers can see them

We wish the injured victims of the Fort Worth crash a speedy recovery, and hope others can use this tragic accident as a reminder to be safe on the roads.


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