Online Dating Safety Tips

Five years ago, the death of an Orlando-area man might have unfolded much differently. The victim, a 27 year old father, was murdered during a robbery. It was set up by a woman he met on an online dating website the night before. Obviously, crimes like robbery, murder, and sexual assault have been occurring since way before the invention of online dating. However, this local case raises questions about the safeness of increasingly popular sites and apps like Tinder, PlentyOfFish, and Okay Cupid.

When delving into the sometimes murky world of online dating, it is important to be aware of potential dangers and red flags. Online dating can be fun and rewarding, but before you log onto Tinder or head off to meet a date, remember that your safety is the most important thing.

Keep your own information private

Make sure your address, phone number, or other personal details are not available for the public to see. Have your first date in a public place, like a restaurant, bar, or bowling alley, so that your online date does not know where you live.

Look out for immediate red flags

  • Do they ask you for money?
  • Is their profile picture real? You can do a reverse image search on their picture to see if it shows up on the internet. If it does, this means that it is probably just an image they found, and not really them.
  • Are they inconsistent with answers to questions about their life or background?

Meet in a safe place

Drive yourself to the meeting place, as you do not want to get stuck relying on a complete stranger for transportation. Let your friends know where you will be going, and how long you are planning to be gone for. If you can, have a friend come to the meeting place with you. They can discreetly be in the same bar or restaurant, arriving before or after you, but can still keep an eye on you and your date, and assist you if you need to get out of a bad situation.


If your date is a non-threatening person, then he or she should understand why you are taking these reasonable precautions! By being cautious, you are taking the right steps to ensure that your first dates go smoothly and safety.


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