Nissan issues recall for 2013 and 2014 vehicles

Florida Nissan owners may like to know that Nissan North America has issued recalls for some 2013 and 2014 vehicles due to a potentially faulty wiring harness problem. The cars in question, the Nissan NV200, were manufactured between the months of February and August 2013. There may be as many as 2,529 cars that need to be returned to the dealership for service techs to correct the issue.

The problem lies in the positioning of the wiring harness and the covering that is subject to chafing. When the wires are rubbed against a metal bracket within the engine compartment, they could short out causing the fuse to blow and stall the engine.The fuel pump is operated by the fuse in question and if the fuse suddenly trips, the fuel pump stops sending gas to the engine. This can create a potentially dangerous situation as the car may stop running unexpectedly while the driver is traveling on a busy roadway or in a precarious traffic situation.

So far, according to a spokesman for Nissan, there have been no accidents or injuries reported that are linked to this defect. Should a recall notice be received, the car should be taken to the dealership where mechanics will correct the problem by repositioning the wiring harness. They will also place an additional protective coating over the wires to prevent chafing. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that this flaw can cause an increased risk of crash when the fuel pump stops running.

When auto accidents are caused by a manufacturing defect, accident victims seeking compensation may be able to file a lawsuit against the car maker. Personal injury lawyers may be able to advise clients of the necessary steps to begin court proceedings.

Source: Auto World News, “Nissan Recall: 2,500 2013 NV200 vehicles called back overstalling issues“, Matt Mercuro, December 02, 2013

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