More pedestrian accidents occurring in Florida city

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office officials reported that Okeechobee Boulevard from Congress Avenue to the Florida Turnpike is becoming increasingly dangerous for pedestrians. They say that in the last 18 months, nine hit-and-runs have resulted in injuries, while another 87 more incidents did not lead to injuries. Two fatal hit-and-run incidents occurred approximately a block away from one another in a two week span on Okeechobee Boulevard.

A homeless man was hit and killed at a Shell gas station at the beginning of October. A more recent fatal accident took the life of a 33-year-old man during the morning of Oct. 12; as he was crossing Okeechobee in a crosswalk, a car hit him while making a right turn onto Indian Road. Business owners along Okeechobee Boulevard stated that they hope to see increased security measures along the roadway to prevent pedestrian accidents.

One of the business owners stated that it is busy inside his store as well as outside and that drivers should be more careful. Another area employee reported other traffic problems, such as speeding, in the area. He also made a comment about panhandlers being dangerously close to the street and that law enforcement officers should crack down on pedestrians crossing the street without a signal or not on a crosswalk.

Pedestrians who are injured due to negligence of a driver may be unable to afford the payments for any required medicinal or rehabilitative care. A personal injury lawyer might use accident reports and witness testimony in his or her efforts to pursue adequate compensation for the pedestrian’s accident-related expenses.

Source: WPTV, “Authorities seeing more pedestrian accidents along Okeechobee Boulevard in West Palm Beach”, Meghan McRoberts, October 14, 2013

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