Traveling Safe Over Memorial Day Weekend

Get out your picnic baskets, buy some American flags, and fire up the grill—Memorial Day is almost here! Though it is a holiday meant to honor all the brave Americans who have died while serving in the armed forces, Memorial Day has become synonymous with picnics, barbecues, pool openings, and summer fun.

Travel is also big on Memorial Day. In 2017, around 39.3 million Americans traveled during Memorial Day weekend, according to AAA, and this year is expected to be just as busy. 81% of people travel by car over Memorial Day weekend. An additional 2.9 million travel by plane. Some Americans even take advantage of the time off and take a cruise or a trip to a different country.

Will you be traveling over Memorial Day weekend? Whether you’re taking a quick road trip or flying to your dream destination, here are some travel tips for a safe, stress-free weekend!

By Car

  • Have your car serviced before setting off on your trip, especially if you will be driving for long distances
  • For long days of driving, take frequent breaks to rest or if possible, alternate drivers every few hours. If you are the only driver and began to feel fatigued, pull over to a safe area to rest
  • Know your route in advance and consider using a GPS or directions app like Waze
  • Keep supplies like a phone charger, flashlights, and first aid kit
  • As always, never text while driving and do not drive after drinking

By Plane

  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport before your flight
  • Keep track of all your belongings, including your luggage and any travel information, like your passport or flight itinerary
  • On the plane, pay close attention to all safety instructions that the crew gives before takeoff. Locate the emergency exits, oxygen masks, and anything else you might need in an emergency
  • Safely store luggage in the overhead bin
  • Report any suspicious people or packages to airport personnel

Traveling Abroad

  • Research the area where you plan to travel and be aware of any recent dangers, from terrorist attacks to dangerous weather events. To find out more about the safety of a country, you can check the travel advisory.
  • If you’re traveling to a country where English is not the main language, learn some basic phrases, including how to ask for help or directions
  • Stay alert at all times
  • Keep any important belongings, like your passport and extra money, in a safe in your hotel room or other secured area
  • On a cruise ship, follow all safety direction

No matter where you’re headed this Memorial Day weekend, we hope that everyone has a safe and wonderful long weekend—and don’t forget to remember the true reason or your day off and thank someone who has served our country!

Happy Memorial Day!


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