Detours Ahead: McMullen Booth Road Closure Brings Temporary Changes

Listen up, Clearwater drivers! If McMullen Booth Road is part of your commute, you might want to factor in some extra time. A segment on the road will be closed for construction on the CSXT railroad crossing, leading to potential delays.

The construction will take place on McMullen Booth Road between Drew Street and State Road 590 near Ruth Eckerd Hall. It will close traffic in both directions to all vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists. US Highway 19 will serve as the primary detour route for drivers headed north-south. Drivers heading east or west can use State Road 580 or Drew Street. Enterprise Road, Sunset Point Road, and State Road 590 can also be used. However, trucks are asked to use the primary detour routes. The project begins on April 5th. It should last five days, although weather or other unexpected factors could push back the end date.

In the case of this road closure, Pinellas County took initiative in making sure locals knew in advance. However, you can’t always anticipate when a detour is going to arise. Detours, or routes that are different from normal, are often the result of construction. They may also occur due to sudden changes, like a car accident or flooding.

If you encounter an unexpected detour in an unfamaliar area, it can disorienting and stressful. What should you do when you encounter a detour?

When dealing with a detour, it’s important to follow any road signs. Not only will they point you in the right direction, but they can help you avoid an upcoming danger. Even if there is not visible blockage or danger, follow any signs. If you are using a GPS, it should be able to recognize the detour and help you find your way around. You should still pay attention to any signs—and keep your eyes on the road, of course.

If you get confused, pull over to a safe, well-lit spot, like a parking lot or rest area, to look at your map or GPS. In the case of some detours, like for an accident or a road shutdown due to a nearby event, there may also be police officers or other officials who can help you find your way.

Even an expected detour can still cause stress and delays, but we’re still grateful to Pinellas County for letting us know about the upcoming closures on McMullen Booth Road. If your normal route is affected, remember to follow all signs and factor in some extra time, and you’ll be back on your normal—and improved!—roads before you know it.


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