#RecallRoundUp: March 2017

It’s officially Spring! There are lots of good things in the air, but for some companies, March meant owning up to some defective products. From gas station hoses to hoverboards, March 2017 was certainly an interesting month for recalls. Let’s take a look with the March 2017 Recall Roundup:


Most recently, OK Foods recalled around 933,272 pounds of breaded chicken products. The products may contain foreign materials, particularly metal. If you own this product, throw it away, or bring it back to the store where you purchased it.

Undeclared walnuts forced Whole Food Market to pull their banana chocolate chips muffins, and undeclared egg caused Ronzoni’s thin spaghetti to meet a similar fate.

Lovers of edamame, a tasty soybean treat, were disappointed to learn that their favorite product, sold by Fresh Concepts Franchise in most states, tested positive for potential e. coli contamination.

Dog foods also had a few recalls this month, including EuroCan manufacturing, Evangers, and Blue Buffalo. Check the label before giving your beloved dog their next meal!

For a list of all food recalls, check out this official list from the Food and Drug Administration.


An array of vehicles, from motorhomes to sports cars, faced recalls in March. Defects include too-short seatbelts, wiper issues, and problems with the tires.

Hoverboards became recall victims, too, thanks to the potential for exploding batteries. But considering our last blog on hoverboards, this isn’t really surprising!

Gas Station Danger!

You already know about the dangers of smoking cigarettes or even using a cell phone around gas station pumps, but sometimes, defective products can play a role in gas station disasters and injuries, too. This might have been the case for about 824,000 gas station hose swivel connectors, manufactured by OPW. The connector can separate from the hose, leading to fuel spillage and the potential for fire or explosion. Thankfully, no incidents or injuries were reported, but this recall is particularly scary!

What To Do

If you own one of these products recalled in March 2017, throw it away or return it immediately. It’s possible that the recall won’t affect you personally, but you don’t want to take any chances. For more information, please see our blog on dealing with a product recall.

See you next month for the April Recall Roundup!


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