After Bombing, Manchester Searches For Justice

After a suspected terrorist attack on Monday night in Manchester, England, United Kingdom, the world is still reeling. The tragedy occurred at a concert for American pop singer Ariana Grande, when a suicide bomber detonated a bomb in the crowded Manchester Arena at the end of Grande’s show. Of the 22 victims, many were young people. With 22 fatalities and numerous injuries, this is the deadliest attack in the United Kingdom since the London transit bombings in 2005. ISIS, a prominent radicalized group in the Middle East, claimed responsibility for the attack.

Recovery and Justice

For the injured victims, the families of the deceased, and the entire world, the most important thing right now is recovery. However, the tragedy does raise some questions about legal rights in the wake of a terrorist attack or similar tragedy. Can anyone, aside from the suicide bomber, be held liable for the deaths and injuries? Was it a security liability issue? Is Ariana Grande herself liable?

Since the bombing occurred in the United Kingdom, their laws and legal traditions will govern in this situation. However, similar incidents have occurred in America, like the shooting that occurred at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando last year. When tragedies such as these occur in Florida, the surviving family members can sue for wrongful death, while the surviving victims can sue for their injuries.

Questions of Liability

It becomes an issue of “negligence security.” While the bomber, shooter, or assailant is undoubtedly to blame, the persons or companies holding the event should have taken stricter security measures to prevent such a situation from even occurring. When holding a venue owner or operator liable for a terrorist attack or similar tragedy, there are various questions to consider, such as:

  • Did the owner or operator have reason to know this might happen?
  • Had they received any warnings or tips?
  • Was this type of incident foreseeable?
  • Were their security measures appropriate and in line with industry standards?

Location in regards to security also plays a larger role. If the bomb goes off inside an arena, for example, that means the assailant made it past security. This situation potentially shows that the venue was negligence or inadequate in their security measures. If the bomber was waiting outside the area, it might fall outside the realm of the venue. As with all wrongful death cases, a lot depends on circumstance, which can make the process particularly painstaking.

The Liability of the Performer

It is also unlikely that Ariana Grande is liable. Most concert halls and similar venues are owned by large companies, and run by promotion companies, such as Live Nation. Therefore, these entities are responsible for hiring, training, and implementing security at a given event. The performers are only responsible for providing security for themselves, not the concert goers.

What happened in Manchester is a nightmarish situation. Our thoughts are with the families and individuals affected by this senseless attack. As Manchester recovers, we hope that the victims find not only justice in the coming difficult days, but also hope, resilience, and peace.


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