What is a Letter of Protection?

When you’re working with an experienced personal injury attorney after a car crash or other accident, there can be a ton of paperwork to deal with! One of these important pieces of paperwork is called a Letter of Protection. Here is what you need to know about letters of protection and what they mean for your personal injury case.

What is a Letter of Protection?

A Letter of Protection is a letter that your law firm will send to your medical provider. It states that your law firm has agreed to protect your medical provider’s outstanding balance for your treatment. This ensures that you can receive the medical treatment you need without needing to immediately pay, allowing you to focus on getting better without having to worry about the financial strain that often follows an accident or injury.

However, a Letter of Protection doesn’t mean that your medical treatment is totally free. You will still have to pay for any medical treatment once your case is settled. In your Letter of Protection, your attorney will state that once you receive compensation for your injuries, your medical provider will be paid directly from the settlement of your injury claim.

The Importance of a Letter of Protection

After a car accident or other injury, prompt medical attention is incredibly important. Unfortunately, it can also be very expensive. Even if you have insurance, you might find yourself with high medical bills. This is because under Florida’s personal injury protection (PIP) laws, only around 80% of medical bills after a car accident are consider “reasonable” after a car accident. This may leave you with unexpected expenses while seeking medical treatment after a car accident.

By ensuring that you won’t have to pay until after you’ve won your case, a Letter of Protection gives you the opportunity to seek the medical care that you need after an accident or injury.


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