Law Day in Clearwater

Two associates recently taught Clearwater High School students about law for young adults.  Ian Thomas visited Mr. Cory Snover’s Law Studies class, and Rhia Funke taught Ms. Susan Cole’s American Government class.

Ian discussed the students’ responsibilities as they become adults, focusing his presentation on entering into contracts, renting apartments, buying cars, and other practical matters.  “The class was very receptive and attentive to the presentation and it was good to see high school students so interested in a subject matter.  It was a law studies class, so they may have been more interested than others in the topic, but still, their enthusiasm for the topic was great,” said Thomas.

Rhia taught Ms. Cole’s class about the rules of the road.  Her presentation focused on driving safety and auto liability, but also touched on the importance of education.  “It was great to talk to the kids about something they’re really looking forward to,” said Rhia.  The students in her class were freshmen who were looking forward to getting their licenses.  Rhia discussed how several of her high school classmates died in a drunk-driving accident on “senior skip day,” and she encouraged the teens to call a friend or a parent if they know someone is about to drive impaired.

Matt Noyes, Jacqlyn Bryant, Rhia Funke, and Ian Thomas also attended the Clearwater Bar Association’s Law Day Luncheon to celebrate the community contributions of local attorneys and judges on May 4, 2012.  Honorees included Myriam Irizarry (Ralph Richards Award), Deputy Timothy Myers (Allen Moore Gold Badge), Judge W. Douglas Baird and Judge David A. Demers (John U. Bird Distinguished Jurist Award), and Daniel Ruth (Liberty Bell Award).

Law Day has a long tradition, spanning back to 1957, when President Eisenhower declared the holiday in celebration of the victories of workers in the legal system to improve their conditions.  This year’s Law Day theme from the American Bar Association was, “No Courts, No Justice, No Freedom,” and speakers were encouraged to discuss the current funding crisis courts are facing due to state budget shortfalls.

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