Bed Bugs, Robberies, and More: Hotel Liability Issues

When you stay at a hotel, you expect clean sheets, pleasant service, and perhaps a chance to relax in comfy bed or by a pool. You also expect the hotel to keep you from any harm, even though accidents or injuries might be the last thing on your mind during a rejuvenating vacation. The hotel is expected to provide certain services, such as:

  • Controlling insect infestation
  • Maintaining good security
  • Internet security
  • Protection of guest’s belongings
  • Hiring a good staff and training them properly
  • Maintaining stairs, elevator, locks, and other hotel appliances

To prove that a hotel is responsible for your injuries or property damage, you must show that:

  1. The hotel had a duty of care to protect you from harm
  2. The hotel breached its duty by permitting you to be injured
  3. Your injury resulted in specific and identifiable damages

Of course, sometimes there are exceptions. If a guest is intoxicated when they slip and fall, for example, the hotel may not be liable, since the guest’s decision to drink alcohol was voluntary. Therefore, the hotel could not have prevented the injury. In other situations, it may be a case of comparative negligent. This means that both the hotel and the patron are liable for the injuries; in this case, the hotel still might pay compensation, but will not pay as much as they would if they were fully liable.

After A Hotel Accident

  • Take pictures of the area.
  • Get names and contact information of witnesses
  • Get contact information from resort employees who assist you
  • Keep documentation of all medical attention you receive from resort staff
  • Take note of all warning signs, or lack thereof, in the area of your slip and fall accident


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