Driving Tips for the Holiday Weekend

This weekend is Thanksgiving and that means lots of people will be on the roads.  According to an article published today by Jamie Gumbrecht with CNN, AAA estimates that 94 percent of the people going at least 50 miles between Wednesday and Sunday will be on the roads, rather than traveling by air”

Here are some helpful tips on how to stay safe on the roads this holiday weekend:

GET YOUR CAR CHECKED. Make sure the maintenance on your car is up to date and your tires have been checked.  Tons of auto accidents are caused by low tire pressure or lack of maintenance.

KNOW WHAT THE CONDITIONS WILL BE AND BE PREPARED.  You should look up the weather where you are and where you are traveling to and be prepared!  Most Florida drivers lack experience driving in winter conditions.  If you are going up north, be sure you are ready driving in snow if it is expected. CNN reports that according to AAA, a winter emergency kit should include the following: an ice scraper and snow brush; sand, cat litter or traction mats; a small shovel; gloves, hats and blankets; flashlights with fresh batteries; shop rags or paper towels; jumper cables; warning flares or triangles; drinking water; non-perishable snack bars; warm clothes; first aid kit; basic hand tools; mobile phones and car chargers with important numbers preprogrammed.

BE SURE YOUR CELL PHONE IS CHARGED.  Be sure that you have a way to contact someone in case of an emergency, but don’t use your phone while you are driving!  Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents in our country.

WEAR YOUR SEATBELT.  Be sure that not only you, but everyone in your car has on their seat-belts.

TAKE BREAKS.  No matter how much caffeine you consume during your trip, be sure to stop at least once every two hours, or even more if needed.

WATCH THE SPEED LIMIT. Although you may be eager to get to your holiday destination, don’t speed.  Not only do traffic tickets make for unhappy holidays, but speeding increases your risk of anauto accident  especially when the roads are crowded.

DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE AND WATCH OUT FOR OTHERS WHO ARE.  Many people will be on the roads this weekend after consuming alcohol.  Defensive driving can help you avoid an auto accident with a drunk driver.

The attorneys at Perenich, Caulfield, Avril & Noyes, P.A. wish you and your family a happy and safe Thanksgiving.  Should you or a family member get injured in a car accident on the busy holiday weekend roads, contact us today for a free consultation.

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