The Ultimate Safety Gift Guide 2016

It may not be a Hatchimal, gaming system, or shiny new car, but the gift of safety is the best thing you can give! When you give a safety product as a gift, it is all year long— not just stuffed on a shelf or in a closet after a few days of use.

For the Road Trip Lover or Daily Commuter:

  • A roadside assistance kit. For someone with do-it-yourself ideals, a roadside assistance kit offers everything they need in case of a breakdown. A typical roadside kit includes things like screws and jumper cables, and a well-equipped kit even contains emergency flares and a vest for visibility.
  • A car cell phone charger. While phones prevent plenty of dangers behind the wheel, they can be helpful, too! If you get lost in an unfamiliar area, pulling into a safe place and looking up directions can be a huge help. A car charger ensures that cell phones are fully charged and ready to help in an emergency.
  • A GPS. Most people turn to their phones for directions, but if you have a friend who is always dangerously tempted when they have their phone in the front seat, a GPS is a great alternative.
  • AAA membership. With an AAA membership, you get emergency roadside service, like fuel delivery or towing. You can also use a membership for get free guidebooks and maps, and a discount on passport photos. Plus, many restaurants and attractions offer AAA discounts!

For the Avid Boater:

  • The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is doing a big push for lifejackets this year, and with good reason! In the event of a capsized boat or a fall overboard, a lifejacket is lifesaving. Lifejackets don’t have to be boring. Look for a fun color or pattern to give to the boater in your life.
  • UV protection shirts. When out fishing or relaxing on the water, boaters are often under direct threat for the sun’s bright rays. Lightweight, long-sleeved UV protection shirts protect their skin from sunburn, sun damage, and premature aging.
  • A waterproof cell phone case, because an unprotected phone near water is sure to mean disaster!

Around the House:

  • For someone who loves to cook, a food thermometer is a great gift. Thermometers ensure that food is  the right temperature, which prevents foodborne illnesses.
  • Oven mitts are also a perfect gift for the chef in your life, and like lifejackets, come in a variety of fun colors.
  • For someone who has had one-too-many accidents with ovens or candles, how about a fire extinguisher? A fire extinguisher can be stored in an accessible pantry or cabinet, and can prevent a small fire from being something bigger. Even for friends who aren’t accident-prone, a fire extinguisher can give them the priceless gift of peace of mind.
  • If you’re having trouble thinking of an idea, consider a simple gift card to a home improvement store. That allows your recipient to pick out the things they need, when they need them!

For Kids:

  • Get a child their very own first aid kit! Give them a fun case filled with emergency essentials, like Band-Aids, a thermometer, gloves, and gauze. Just make sure it doesn’t contain anything dangerous for young children, like Aspirin or scissors — save those for the adult first aid kit!
  • A coloring book about safety allows kids to have fun and learn! For a child who is interested in police or firefighters,  an informative book can teach them more about heroes in the community.

Happy Shopping!


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