Do You Need an Attorney After a Minor Car Accident?

After a minor car accident, do you need to hire an attorney? Even after a minor accident, like a small fender-bender, consulting an attorney can be a very beneficial use of your time. Here are a few reasons why hiring an attorney is worth it after a car accident.

You might have “invisible injuries”

Many times, when someone is involved in a minor car crash, they are able to walk away without any visible injuries. However, just because someone doesn’t have cuts, bruises, or broken bones after an accident doesn’t mean they’re not injured. Pain and symptoms from injuries may not manifest for days or even weeks after the accident. This tends to be especially true for injuries like:

  • Whiplash
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Neck injuries

For example, someone might feel fine immediately after an accident, then begin to feel pain a few days later due to a neck injury. This is why it’s important to see a doctor after a car accident, as they may be able to diagnose issues that you’re not even aware of. It’s also why you should talk to an attorney after a car accident. If you do begin to feel to feel pain from a car-accident injury, or a car accident injury results in missed work or lost wages, an attorney can help you find compensation for your injuries.

Your insurance company might not be as helpful as you think

In some cases, your insurance company might not have your best interests in mind. They may want to settle your claim as quickly as possible, which can result in car accident victims not finding the compensation—and justice—they deserve. A car accident attorney, on the other hand, takes the necessary time to learn about the facts of the case and the hardships the car accident victim is facing, and will fight to find appropriate compensation.

If you have high medical bills, missed time from work, lost wages, or other financial complications after a car accident or a loved one’s car accident, hiring an attorney can help you find the compensation you need.

The other driver could file a claim against you

After a minor car accident without any visible injuries, the involved drivers might choose to simply leave the scene, thinking it’s not a big deal. However, if one driver starts to experience pain from an injury, they could still decide to file a claim against the other driver. Without a police report or other details from the scene of the accident, it can be very difficult to determine who was actually at-fault.

By consulting an experienced attorney after a car accident, even a minor one, you will have someone on your side if the other driver attempts to file a claim against you for an accident that wasn’t your fault.


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